Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Believe and Make It Yours!

If you take the time to look up,
you will be surprised by what you see,
to some it is just green in color,
but to me it is an amazing tree,
it offers me shade in the summer,
a place to hang my wind chimes,
that sway back and forth,
making tinkled music,
stopping winds that blow from the north,
It provides me some shelter,
like an umbrella for a rainy day,
The branches make a perfect perch
for birds that come to stay,
Sometimes it is like a movie,
as the birds continue their play,
they swoop and dive, fluttering, they soar,
my very own performance
right outside my pink back door.
Every day we are given many gifts,
they come in many forms,
sometimes in the form of a rainbow
sometimes it is a storm,
When we really see the beauty,
that is when we really live,
So I ask you this,
Have you really had a good look around you,
Do you notice what you see,
Are you a believer,
or are you floating in your negativity.
Some days we need to refocus
To turn our day around.
We can still listen without hearing a single noise,
We can still see when our eyes are shut,
We can still feel without touching a thing,
We can still be rich without having money,
This world I live in is enough,
and so very very much more,
I am enough and I believe it
more than ever before.
I hope you can Have Your Very Best Day!


  1. such a beautiful post - definite wing flappin' going on here! :)

  2. beautiful. i wrote today on seeing what is around you as well...i believe. smiles.

  3. My favorite part of this post is "We can still be rich without having money."

  4. "i am enough".....enough said !

    i loved this post cindy !

  5. I believe and I am enough!! I need to enjoy more and worry less!
    Thank you hun for the reminder!

  6. it's not the money that makes us rich ... but you know that! beautiful post, hugs!

  7. You gave me chills, dear friend! Fabulous post, your words have such a magic in them!

  8. Hi sis love the new look to your blog. it is great!!

  9. hello .. am so happy to visit today, I am in awe of your writing and you ask tender questions

  10. Beautiful post! thank you...it soothed my heart

  11. this was abeautiful post.

    about the coconut question over at mine today - they can be many colours - different shades of yellow, orange and green. The brown ones are the matured and dried ones. The colour os on the husk, and i assume the coconuts you would get in stores in your part of the world, would have the husk removed and the dried dorwn shell with hairs on.


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