Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Out and Don't Come Back!

Oh my throbbing head,
the thoughts that are buzzing inside my head,
I wish there was a little door I could open,
and just toss them out,
send them on their way and tell them to not bother coming back.
and then I would slam the door shut,
then it would be peaceful so I could sleep,
I have been a little stressed over results I am waiting for
which is ridiculous because I have no control over the outcome,
the cards will fall as they may,
and I will be able to handle anything
that is thrown my way,
even a curve ball.
that if hit would  go right out the park
that is the plan,
today there is no room for one more thing,
to add to the pile,
and yet I know that it will take just a soft wind
to blow my troubles away
soft music plays, cold cloth upon my head,
and now it is back to bed.
I close my eyes,
think of things I am grateful for,
suddenly a sense of peace,
I turn out the light.


  1. I pray for peace for you!! Rest that weary head!! Today will be a wonderful day filled with blessings and joy!!
    Hugging you

  2. Blessings upon you Cinner...

  3. Cinner, I hope your results will come out well! I had a similar feeling (my post 'before the trip') and already writing it all down did help and then at night I sat, I lightened the candle and there was a hurricane going on in my mind, but as I patiently and silently sat with it, I embraced the mental storm and my mind started to get quieter and all is good now :-) I hope it will be the same for you! Hugs!!

  4. The more rest your get the better prepared you are to handle things. When I am tired from letting the scary stuff get to me I don't handle things well at all. I hope the test results are better than you think and I hope you go to your calm place.

  5. hugs to you....feel better....

  6. That is most excellent advice and I'm sending good thoughts and energy to be there with you when you learn what is to are fabu!

  7. a lovely write...though i feel your stress...hope the rest helps and that the results are far better than you could have ever imagined....

  8. Hugs hugs hugs. Smiles smiles smiles. And... a cuppa with a couple of chocolate cookies. A good book or inspiring magazine. A bunch of fresh flowers if possible. Puppy kisses.
    Take care, dear Cinner.

  9. Big hug for you darling Cinner.
    This was very well written and I hope it led to you feeling much better.


  10. Hope you have good news! Feel better!!


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