Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think he may be from Mars.

I awoke this morning with sun shining through my window,
that is the first time in a while,
I lay in bed watching the  light bounce around the room
as it hit the prism I have strung in my window,
What a beautiful day,
I bounced out of bed feeling like I was a teenager,
okay at least in my thirties,
Soon I was sipping on my morning coffee,
with just the right mix of milk and sugar,
to make me think it was as good
as Tim Hortons double doubles,
all I knew I was home, happy,
feeling alive, and grateful.
grateful for all the joy in my life,
grateful to know 
that Gods fingerprints
are on everything,
and grateful that I can laugh and usually see the best in a situation,
My anniversary was Saturday,
Hubby came home with 3 lovely sunflowers,
a beautiful card with an elderly couples hands on the front,
It was beautiful as you could see the lines in their hands,
and you could feel the love they shared,
Hubby gave me a little angel pin
with a card about how special I was,
and he sat there with another package on his lap,
all excited for me to open it.
It was a metal plack
that said the following,
Inside me there is a thin woman
screaming to get out......
I can usually keep the 
B---h quiet with chocolate.
I sat there with my mouth open,
thinking to myself
Is he out of his ever loving mind,
He said what, whats wrong,
I said I don't think this is very funny,
nor very romantic on my anniversary...
He said its not me saying it,
It is you saying it,
Usually you would laugh over this,
Then he says is it a full moon,
I say no it is not a full moon,
and you can not blame the moon for everything,
I told him you have taken my most sensitive issue,
and reminded me of it,
so then he took the metal plaque and he hit himself over the head with it,
saying, Sometimes I don't think, I am stupid, stupid, stupid,
and then he crossed his eyes and handed me the sign,
I said it is the first time you ever messed up on our anniversary,
I said jokingly if you get me another sign like that,
we won't make our twelve year anniversary.
And we both laughed.
Now I ask you Did I over react.
What would have you thought.
Would you look in the sky to see if there was a full moon,
or would you just bite your tongue 
and pray for the strength to not hit him over the head with the sign.
I hope you have a great day,
Beware of men acting foolish!


  1. i am glad he hit himself with it...smiles.

    sounds like you had a beautiful morning today though...mmm...coffee....

  2. Oh my..uhmmmm..ya got to wonder..sounds like mine..when he remembers at all LOL!! Men...at least he punished himself for the oooops!
    Glad you are feeling young popping out of bed...am getting there as fall dawns..am feeling perky..summer burns me out!
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  3. You know, Mercury is retrograde right now and that means miscommunications! So I wouldn't blame the moon either. Blame Mercury!

  4. Ha ! Fools trip over their best intentions and such as fools are we all.....but of course.

    When you think he does not 'get it' be sure to remember your 'trauma' is always felt and experienced in secondary ways by those you are closest to. This is an example of how parents hand the same mistakes they were taught ...... to their offspring. men are taught by this culture to get up and get on with life.....or die. He lives with you 24/7 and knows all your secret fears....either rationally or intuitively. It is the love he knows in the way he learned which reaches out to inspire you....though the words may seem callous...the intention is genuine, honest, and full of concern. Cin...if your weight is an ongoing complaint your "Mr Fixit" will seek to find a way to reduce your burden....though he may stumble all over the place in his attempt.

    His 'love' is genuine.

  5. Dennis, lol, I know he loves me for sure, I don't doubt it. He says it is the same as me having a sign that says...I usually wake up grumpy, but other mornings I let him sleep. We bought that together.... thanks for your comment, it meant alot and I needed a mans perspective of this too. hugs.

  6. Deborah, okay Mercury it is. LOL. Take care.

  7. Sarah it was the first nice day in a long time. ...he has never not remembered. he usually hits the nail on the head.....but I do love him....I still wonder what was he thinking....your artwork was stunning today. I hope you have a great week.

  8. Brian, yes and the sun shone all day. I did have a great day with hubby, he was not working today, so all is well. smiles. have a great day.

  9. well you made up the little hitch and you laughed together. that's what matters.

  10. you handled it gracefully and charmingly - many are sensitive to their weight and i suspect there are not many men that really 'get it' even if they are understanding of it. i'm glad you all had a wonderful time together.

  11. I say hit him!!! Ha!! I don't know what he was thinking...oh I know...he wasn't thinking!!!


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