Saturday, August 28, 2010

Its My Anniversary! our Anniversary!

This photo I took last fall,
I have been having some trouble with my camera,
so I thought you might not mind me using this again,
and well some of you have not seen it before.
Last night my hubby and I donned our jackets
and sat outside on the bench at the back of the yard.
It was cooler than normal, 
so we snuggled and reminisced.
Today is our eleventh anniversary.,
he is working and on call this week
so it will be a quiet night at home.
We sat and laughed tonight about
things that happened at our wedding,
The fact that we were the last ones there.
how exhausted we were the next day,
Hubbys father was his best man,
he was so proud, both father and son.
We talked about what we have accomplished together in eleven years,
we also talked about how we drive each other crazy,
but how our laughter and sense of humor has gotten us through
and has brought us to the place we are in life.
I would say he is my soul mate and I his,
I take milk and sugar in my coffee,
he takes his black,
I am a lets get this done kind of gal,
he is oh it can wait,
I don't like to cook,
he loves to cook and be creative in the kitchen,
We have so many differences,
and yet so many similarities,
He tells me when he thinks I am wrong,
just as I do him,
He is my best friend,
and we say anything and everything to each other,
The best thing we say is how much we love one another.
I felt like a princess when I married him,
he has treated me like a queen,
and there is no other that I would want to be my king.
Happy Anniversary honey.
I love you.
Just an idea for a post,
I should write this when I am upset with him.
I can imagine what it would say.
We never go to bed angry,
and sometimes I wake up grumpy,
and other times I just let him sleep.
He will laugh.
have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! What a huge blessing to be married to your best ever friend! I am too and it has been 36 years!!!

  2. happy anniversary cinner! i hope you both have a awonderful weekend reflecting ont eh love you have for each other..and so nice you can call him your best friend!

  3. Eleven years together. Wonderful. Congratulations to you both. Very nice post. You speak honestly of love and being together, not every minute is squishy sweet is it? But Every Minute is worth it, right? Hugs to you and your sweet husband.

  4. Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many more together!

  5. happy anniversary!

  6. happy happy happy anniversary!!! may you always have your cup filled with happiness and love for each other

  7. the happiest of anniversaries to you both......

    and yes, sometimes i let grumpy sleep, too :)

  8. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you always have a smile for each other.

  9. happy late day of love my are a princess and he is the prince :))


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