Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She got to Laugh Last!

Some of you have seen this picture before,
I am reposting it as a reminder not to stress over things,
and to remember what is funny in our lives.
One of my favorite things is to make others laugh,
I am usually pretty good at this,  not today.
So  please see the silliness in this somewhat personal story..
I had some tests done today as I have been having some stomach problems,
nothing serious, just having some tests.
So I get my gown on which apparently was on backwards,
how is a big girl like me going to get my short arms around to tie from behind,
so my day started with a look of OMG from the technican.
I wish she could have seen the look on her face it was priceless.
she almost took a step back. I chuckled inside.
So now she gets me on the table, asks me some questions,
No I am not pregnant I say, Are you sure?
I felt like saying no, I am quessing,
but I did not, I said I absolutely am not.
Well when was the last time she says,
Now I am thinking to myself, well let me just get out my daytimer and I will check this out.
all the while thinking am I supposed to remember this, then thinking well if I don't then it was not the most
memorable, ...some of the medications I am on actually decrease my interest in this.....
so I say, I think 2007, now would you not have laughed at that I ask you?
no I  got read the riot act, they have to know for sure, well I about had to sign my life away,
I told her I had never had children, had testing, not possible, blah, blah, blah,
Well when is the last time you had intercourse? she asks.
So I pull a number out of my hat, lets say last Thursday.
Okay well then you should be fine.
So I think to myself,
I wonder what she would have said if I said any other day of the week.
I was just shaking my head in my mind as I signed that form...
now that give me a package that makes you feel like you have just swallowed air pockets,
Are you comfortable, make sure you don't belch she says.
I open my mouth to say I am fine and yes you guessed it,
I belched as I replied I am fine....not on purpose, oh no no.
Piercing eyes of daggars burnt through my skin,
I swear I could feel it.
So now I go from side to side, lay on my stomach, roll over on my back,
If you are in a gown that is on backwards, sizes to big, I swear it was a tent,
And I am all twisted up, I think well now I can not move, this should be fun.
So back the other way I go, lord I lay there thinking I could have just run a ten mile marathon,
I was already exhausted, and I had not even made it into the second room,
But at least by this time the technician and I had bonded and she seemed in much better spirits.
SO after 4 glasses of barium and almost 5 hours later I could leave,
Some of the other patients had gone home after an hour, and we were all having the same test done.
One little young lady was complaining because she had waited over an hour and a half,
So there was 4 of us waiting to be called back into xray and we all had the giggles,
I told them about telling the technician about back in 2007,
I thought we were going to have to pick the one lady up off the floor,
so when I left I thought well at least we had a few laughs,
made a not so pleasant time okay.
When my husband got home I asked him what he did last Thursday,
He said he played ball and I laughed thinking,
he is probably right, then I asked if he could remember 2007.
Anyway I told him the story and we had quite a laugh.
I really believe the ability to laugh at myself is what keeps me grounded.
after all laughter is the best medicine.
I promise never to discuss this subject again,
besides the technician I am sure
got the last laugh today,
I am sure she knows I have not left my house all day since I have come home.
may you always have laughter in your life.
Be well.


  1. Fun and hijinks at the hospital, eh? Hope your tests turn out well.

  2. I had a day similar to your just a couple of weeks ago but I didn't have near as much fun or laughs as you did, so good for you. Hope you sleep well tonight my friend.......:-) Hugs

  3. Oh just made my day. Yes, you have to laugh...esp in situations like yours today. I do hope all is well. xoxo

  4. Aww Cindy....ya shoulda sent her this page to her email at the clinic.. I truly hope you will regain your balance. You are one of the sweetest people I know. Tell Wayne 'Hi' for me please.

  5. Oh my gosh!! I am dying here!! Ha! Good ole Barium! Yuck! I have had this test and I know how you felt. It had to be the most uncomfortable test I have ever taken. Yikes!! Mine was on the other end and talk about embarrassing!! Sigh!

  6. smiles. to make others smile and laugh is a high calling cinner...thanks for always brightening my day...

  7. 2007... well I'm jealous!! I wish I could say it had been that recent for me.

    Not only did you make the others having tests laugh, you made me totally crack up at the thought of technician's faces as she looked at you in your backwards gown!!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog! It's wonderful to meet you! I love your sense of humor; I hope your test results come back fine.

    It was so interesting to read about cataplexy. I hadn't heard of it before. You cope with this trial so very well!


  9. your attitude is perfect for situations like this...LOVE the statues!

  10. the ability to laugh along is such a wonderful gift. xo

  11. you know I had to come here to get back in balance. Thank you for that, my dear one! Thank you.

  12. Holly, I am glad you stopped by, I miss your daily visits but know you are a busy lady these days. there is always unbalance here, or balance. not sure.

    Char, I think we all have it most days. hope you are well my friend. take care.

    Elk, yes I found them in Vancouver when I was there in the Spring, every time I see them I can't help but smile. hugs to you.

  13. Magpie, thank you for visiting and becoming a follower. I am not surprised you had not heard of Cataplexy. I think I have only come across one person who had, most doctors have not either. There are some ridiculous diseases out there for sure. It has become easier, I have had it now for eight years, still no reason why, no cure but it can be controlled. I am so hoping we finally have the right med combination. It has been a good month. looking forward to getting to know you better. take care for now. hope you have a great weekend.

  14. Liss, you and I seem to have the same type of sense of humor. you make me laugh most times when you leave a comment. I was telling my sister about the gown, and she said, oh the great big tent ones, she was sure she had hers on backwards too. lol. Here is hoping to a better year for both of us. lol. wink, wink. ha. hugs.

  15. Brian, that is a very nice thing to say, you always make me smile and think too, that is a wonderful gift. Have a great weekend.

  16. SueAnn, OH yes and they doubled the barium, It took 2 days to feel right again. sorry you had to go through it,,,I understand about the embarrasement....big hugs to you. have a great weekend. take care.

  17. Dennis, that is such a nice thing to say. I will say hi to Wayne, he loves your emails you send me, I think the two of you have the same sense of humor. Say hi to Suzanne, I left you a comment, I think that course will be a wonderful one for you. hugs, Choked about the paper not publishing your letter too. be well.

  18. Caroline, so glad to get it over with, glad I could make your day, your photos usually make mine, and your wonderful attitude. have a great weekend. may you find some wonderful strangers to take their photos. have fun.

  19. Bernie, I have to tell you I did not have fun later, did you get your new computer. I figure you are having fun getting it all set up if you did.
    have a great weekend. hoping to enjoy the sun on Sunday. hugs to you.

    Debra, yes hijinks at the hospital...always fun. may I not have to go back for awhile. hope you are well and hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  20. You are too funny. Thanks for always making me smile =).

  21. Cora, sometimes not funny enough, and your welcome, it is my pleasure, I think I sometimes have a very different life. take care.


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