Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Neener,

Everyone needs a best friend.
I have three my husband, my sister, and my girlfriend
And today is Neeners birthday!
So I am hoping I get a hold of her before she goes to work.
and I will sing to her off key of course on purpose,
Happy Birthday,
she will laugh and then tell me I am too noisy in the morning.
How old is she it does not matter, 
she will always be younger than me!
She painted me the above pair,
which I think is awesome, 
she loves color,
and she loves me,
just like I love her,
she knows everything there is to know about me,
and I her.
We are quite a pair,
she is one of the best cooks I have ever come across,
makes a wonderful espresso,
the best homemade pumpkin pie I have ever tasted,
the voice of an angel.
I thank you Janine for being there for me,
even if you were annoyed at me,
or wanted to kick me for having my own pity party,
or for singing your songs at Karaoke,
I figured I would mention it before you do.
Thank you for being my oldest and best baby sitter I ever had.
That was quite the new years for you but I appreciate it more than I can put into words.
Thanks for all the times you tell me to go to bed, and not in those words.
how about this phrase....NOW!
and you tell me not to use capitals when I am posting.
how was I to know it meant yelling.
I hope you have a fabulous day,
I hope you got my email about us postphoning coming to see you.
I will find out when I talk to you.
but just as we used to,
I could just show up like we used to,
that is what I miss the most with you living so far away.
our phone calls in the middle of the night,
saying are you up, and then me coming for popcorn or coffee,
okay so most of the time I made you come to my place,
Ya ya, Lord you won't ever let me live that down.
Remember our walk in the freezing cold,
I knew that would make you laugh.
I hope you have your Very Best Day Ever!
I love you.
I have many acquaintances and people that I know,
and unfortunately some have come and gone,
and Neener and I will always be best friends,
There is no doubt in my mind.
I consider myself very blessed.
And I will always Love You,
yes I am thinking about how beautifully you sing that song.
Miss you much.
I hope you all enjoy this day,
September 2,
and may you have your 
Best Day Ever.


  1. Happy Birthday to your dearest friend!!

  2. you probably just made her day all the more special...hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  3. Best cook and best coffee and pumpkin pie would be an awesome trait in a dear friend but add all the other wonderful things together and your Neener is awesome indeed. Happy Birthday Neener!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEENER shouting into the universe.

  4. Such friendships are to be cherished! Happy B-day, Neener!

  5. Yesterday was my bestie's B-day! We all went out to eat and had a great time...Friends are good to have.
    Blessings to you this week!!

  6. Aw geez...ya made me cry first thing. (sniff). I love you too lady and miss you something terrible. Thanks to your readers for their birthday wishes.

    Sucks you can't come to visit but I understand. We'll get together again sometime soon!

    Thanks again, Nemner

  7. Sheeesh...ignore all the creative spelling. Shall be firing the typist soonest.


  8. Such a special tribute for a special friend! Friends are never far from our hearts!

  9. Connie, hi, that is for sure, there is something about laughing with the girls. have a great day.

    J.S Neener, ha you make me laugh. hope your having a wonderful day, be careful of bears for lord sakes. especially if your out walking the boogster. love you.

    Cora, sounds like a nice evening, Neener lives about 9 hours away from me. sigh I miss her, you know how it is with Holly living as far away as she does. I might get there in Octobeer, but it will depend on the weather...she could be snowed in by then....what a scary thought. have a great week.

  10. TechnoBabe, she is awesome for sure, I am lucky...P.S. i draw my eyebrows in also....we are two peas in a pod you and me. have a great day.

    Debra, I do cherish her....she is a true honest no guff kinda gal. I am lucky.

    Brian, I just talked to her, she was blubbering like a lol, if she reads this I am a dead woman. thanks for your kind wishes. take care.

    SueAnn, thank you for thinking of her. hugs, have a great day.

  11. what a beautiful birthday wish!!!


  12. Happy Birthday sound very special as I hope your day was.....:-)Hugs


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