Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I aINT no Speedy Gonzales Today!

It was a dark and cloudy night in Alberta,
when suddenly between the old adobe haciendas
came the cry of a middle age housewife
La La laa la lala la la la laaaa,
Oh me aching back,
the other day went crack,
I have been sitting with the heating pad,
I can't get out of bed no more,
I am staring at the ceiling,
I can't get my feet to touch the floooooor
for some reason I have that song
Speedy Gonzales running around in my head,
purchance too much pain medication.
I believe I will be going to emergency today.
Once I am in a sitting position I am ok for a little while,
but getting out of bed is very very hard,
I am not sure what they will be able to do for me,
I have not ever hurt it this bad...
How do you ask?
Opening the fridge door and picking up a container of French Vanilla Yogurt.
What the heck.
So if I am not around for a few days you will know why.
I will be back as soon as I can,
when I am not a hurting unit.


  1. Oh dear my sweet friend! I hope they can give you copious amounts of pain meds so you can move. So sorry!!! Be well soon!
    Hugs (gentle ones)

  2. ack. hope they can help you out and hope you feel better cinner....

  3. Oh no! That sounds like you are hurting horribly. I am so sorry for your pain. Our backs can tweek with such little things. One time when I only had two kids I bent down to a bottom drawer for something and when I stood up my head was on my shoulder and would not straighten up. Hope you are able to get to the emergency room and they get your back straightened with a minimum of pain.

  4. lots of healing mojo is being sent you way.....

  5. Oh my....I hope its nothing serious. My mother got down in her back and it turned out to be an infection on her spine...very bad and required surgery for removal. So do not wait to long before going to the doctor! Im sending the healing angels to you for a speedy recovery my friend!

  6. Cindy...I'm so sorry to hear about this....and I am thinking of you right now.

  7. Oh, Cindy ...I'm so very sorry!!! I do hope you feel very much better soon!!! (I love the way you described this in the beginning of your post, are such a creative and good writer!)...My heart is with you!! Love, Janine OX

  8. Oh nooooooo..hon am so sorry..have so done this! Always seems to be some silly little move that just sends it all out of wack!! You migh try a rice bag hon..moist heat might help a bit! Ackkkkkk..sending healing and gentle hugs your way!!! Hugs and love, Sarah

  9. There is nothing worse than a hurt back. Take care of yourself and get well soon!!

  10. Gayle thank you for your kindness, I can not believe the things I can not do, but it is amazing what I can do with a cane and Wain got me a tool for picking things up off the floor. ...Whats a gal to do. hope you are well. hugs.

    Sarah, thanks I will try that. it is looking like a pharmacy in here. Can you believe it was getting yogurt out of the fridge. lots of love to you, hugs.

    Janine, your a dear, I have had that silly song running around in my head since I started taking these silly pain killers...I think it is an old Eddy Arnold song....or maybe Pat Boone....ha, my parents records from when I was a kid....will be by to visit as soon as I can. I can only sit here for about 5 well. hugs.

  11. Hi Rose, so nice to stop have you stop by, I did not realize you still had a blog going, you are very talented with your crafts, I will come have a visit when I am over this. Hope you are doing good and feeling well yourself. all the best.

  12. Jackie, thanks so much, you should see me operate a cane and a picker upper tool at the same is a vision. hope you are well. hugs to you. visit soon.

  13. Cora, so sorry to hear about your Moms struggle with this. I went to the doctor yesterday, it is a pinched nerve...amazing what I can not do...thank you so much for your kind wishes. I will be by to see you as soon as I can. be well my friend. hugs.

  14. Beth, healing mojo that is just what I need or a visit to that playground you were at with all those smiling faces. hugs to you. we are expecting snow tonight. just a bit....way to soon. take care.

  15. TechnoBabe, I ended up going to the doctors, a pinched nerve, so on pain killers, and trying to move around as best as I can. I am so glad I don't have a couple of kids to take care of, Wain brought me home a tool for picking things up off the floor...its amazing what you can do with one of those and a cane. thanks for your visits. I really appreciate them. by to see you as soon as I can. I am just responding to these comments hope you are doing well. take care.

  16. Brian thanks I am on the mend with meds. Can't run too fast right now but will be hopefully soon. lol. all the best. c

    SueAnn, thanks so much, yes I got some pain killers, and I have been moving around as much as I can today so that I don't sieze up. hope you are well. will come visit very soon and catch up. hugs.

  17. Sending healing thoughts your way...AND has your postman perchance delivered anything yet?

  18. feel better my friend!

    sending you love and hugs!!

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  20. Connie, hi thank you for the well wishes, I am assuming you are my secret GOJ, I just checked the mail and nothing as of today Friday. I am excited everytime I go to look in the box. Take care and I hope you have a great weekend. I will let you know if anything arrives...maybe it is coming by dogsled. lol. hugs.

  21. Hi beautiful Cinner... I am so sorry to read of your pain and I sincerely hope that it goes well away very soon.

    Your blog is looking fantastic. Well done.

    I was looking for an email address to reply to your question as to how I did the heart in my header, but I can't find one here. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places... Anyway... here's what I did -
    I got a piece of card and cut out a heart shape and then placed a decaying leaf behind the shape... scanned it and then transformed it into black and white.

    xx hope that makes sense. :)

    take care

  22. Christina, have a wonderful weekend, Whatever I do it will be slowly, take care. have a wonderful time with the family.

  23. Robyn, thank you so much for your encouraging words, and for explaining how you did it, I just thought it was so unigue. Thanks for the kind wishes about my back. I will get my email on here. take care my wonderful friend, I hope you are loving spring. we gt frost last night I will have to take some pictures. be well and have a great weekend.

  24. Cinner, I hope you do feel better now!!! Back can give a terrible horrible pain, omg! I'll keep you in my prayers! And thank you so much for visiting and for your words of love. Hugs!


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