Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Thoughts.

Good Morning,
I am finally able to sit upright for more than five minutes,
still very slow going with my back,
but what is a gal to do.
so if anyone were chasing me around my house,
well let us just say I would be caught in no time.
Two days ago we had frost,
What a shocker to go outside and all my virginia creepers were frozen,
they had not even started changing colors,
so instead of going from their greens to  vibrant reds and yellows,
they are all hanging and black.
so as soon as I am feeling a little more spry,
well outside to clean my flowerbeds and get things ready for winter.
I have had company for the last eight days,
and it is looking like my friend may be here for awhile longer,
I am trying to get not played out,
but I noticed my Cataplexy the last few days,
Oh and some very exciting news my sister and her fiance went and spent a week away
at Sechelt in B.C., while they were staying there, right in front of their room while sitting on the deck,
A grey whale swam by, Apparently it has been going back and forth between there and 
Davis Bay, she also said they had seen lots and lots of Harbor Seals and Salmon.
I would have loved to have been there.
They loved it and it was a once in a lifetime trip for them,
but would gladly do it again,
the solitude was fantastic.
So my ten minutes of sitting up are pretty much done,
Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you all
and wanted to wish you to have a Happy rest of the weekend.
Until next week,


  1. I am so glad to hear that you are able to sit up more. Being down and out is no fun whatsoever!! And your friend staying longer I hope is a good thing? But it sounds like it may be a little wearing. Don't be afraid to make your needs known to others. Boundaries are important.
    Gently hugging you

  2. On top of what you deal with on a regular basis, you have stuff like back trouble too. I am so sorry you are in any pain and having difficulties walking and getting around. I am sending you my funniest smile along with my wierdest sounds, can you see it and hear them? Hoping to give you a light moment. Hugs to you.

  3. Cinner, I'm glad to hear that you are starting to feel a bit better!! It's not easy, I can imagine, having suffered as hell with my back in the past, so hang on, you gone a make it and you will be well!!! Sorry to hear about the frost ... omg, it already started? cold and grey day here as well, so I'm thankful for our warm house and finding comfort in the knowledge of impermanence ;-) big hugs!!

  4. smiles. thoughts for you as well cinner...hope you are feeling a bit better soon....would love to get to see the whales at some point...

  5. You have such a wonderful outlook and attitude, Cinner. Hope the back heals quickly and when it does, don't work too hard preparing for winter!

  6. oh sweetie....thinking of you and hoping you continue to get better !
    sitting up is such a good thing and i want you to be able to do it all day long....
    i'll say a little prayer to the "back gods" and send them your way !

  7. good to see your comment here...and know that I am thinking of you. How wonderful that your sister and her fiance saw a gray whale...and that you have frost at your home. Both of these would be foreign to my area...and I am thrilled to know that they got to see a whale swimming (not in a confined area for public display)....and that cooler/colder weather is on its way. That means it will work its way here....(eventually.) Hugs and love to you Cindy. Take care of yourself...please.

  8. I'm so glad you let us know how you're doing. I love you. I can't believe you had frost already!!! My goodness.

  9. Holly, we had a little bit of snow, on Saturday it is supposed to be 22 degrees, I hope so I will be sitting in the sun in a bikini,,,ok that might be exagerating a bit...hope you are well. take care.

    Jackie, thanks for your kind email, I was thrilled to recieve it, Yes I would have loved to see the whale too, now the thing is our weather is supposed to warm up, but eventually it will cool down for you. hugs to you.

  10. Beth, hi my friend, today the back gods showed up for a while, I am doing better...the yard needs raking, my house needs vacumming and I being a good girl for once decided it can all wait...yeah, we be by to visit, I feel like I have missed 2 weeks, just not being able to spend much time on here. how silly. hugs to you my friend.

  11. Wanda, I laughed when I read your comment, that is exactly what I want to do, get outside and go crazy in my yard...but the sanity gods remained with me today and I did not leave my house. hope you are well. take care, be by soon.

  12. Brian, thanks for the nice wishes. someday I want to see them too. My other sister went on a whale watching boat and had no luck at all. I did see them once but it was pretty far away...May we both get the chance, we could write about it. take care. smiles.

  13. Birdie, frost warning again tonight, we are supposed to have a beautiful weekend, I am so hoping so, my bday is on Saturday, nothing would thrill me more than to be outside in the sun. glad you are well. maybe one day we can compare back stories. hugs to you.

  14. TechnoBabe, you have to stop, thats just too funny and then I fall down and hurt my back all over. lol. today it has not been too too bad, I still have to stop myself from doing things quite yet. I was taking meds every 4 hours and now about every 7 hours so that is really good...I am just going to coast along and not push myself. hope you and James are well. hugs.

  15. SueAnn, you picked up on my frustration for sure, especially because of my back trouble, it is getting better and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. take care, miss you, by to visit very soon. hugs.

  16. A whale swimming... WOW! One of y greatest desires! You know I love marine biology (I am a biologist myself). Cannot believe you reached minus 6 already! And you know I love your sunflowers!
    Thinking of you often too, sorry if I'm not that present these days.


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