Monday, September 6, 2010

sIT Down Take aNother LoOk!

looking into a purple glass of water
taking a picture,
showing the reflection of some of the trees.
Sometimes I like to sit and squeeze my eyes shut real tight,and you can see all these different colors. 
I quite like the colors in this one,
soft pastels, dreamy colors,
even a pink dolphin 
swimming closer
This one struck me as odd because somehow
I  got the power line in it.
surprising how a different angle changes the colors
this one was taken closer almost at the top.
completely different again.
Sometimes when we look at things,
we get a very clear image or idea how things are.
Other times in the wrong setting or venue,
things may seem all askew.
Perfect, what is perfect,
is there perfect in imperfection,
I think so,
no two people see things exactly the same,
not unless it is a simple single image,
same with life, same things happen,
but yet different lessons are learned,
the exact same story is told differently,
The focus is not the same for everyone.
we choose to see what we want,
whether it be positive or negative,
our life is made by how we look at things.
how we choose to see the situations around us,
how we meet lifes challenges,
do we let them stop us in our tracks,
or do you step back and maybe look at things from a different angle.
Sometimes you can close your eyes 
and see more clearly
because the answer is coming from within.
Life is simple.
I hope you all take a look around today,
and see what a beautiful and colorful world we live in.
have a wonderful day.
I am not preaching,
this is just my opinion.
Take care,
Until next time


  1. And a wonderful opinion it is too!! I chose to step back and look at it in another angle. Or simply close my eyes and think! Long and hard!
    Well said dear one...well said!

  2. wonderful wisdom this morn cinner...many times we see what we want, or maybe even what we fear...when in reality it is all different if we would only stop to take another look perhaps from a different angle...hope you have a marvelous day!

  3. I share the same opinions too, Cinner!
    Your life is what you make it.

  4. These are so great. I love your unique way of seeing.

  5. Yep we choose to see what we want and hear what we want depending on where we are in life at that time. When I was going through life living in a fog and disassociating so much of the time, I thought I heard people and I thought I was paying attention. I was doing the best I could at the time. Now I am feeling better about myself and about life and I listen with more than my ears and see with more than my vision. For me, I never take what someone expresses as preaching, I like it when people say it like it is for them. Keep it up. Hope you are having a great Monday and I know it is Labor Day for you too.

  6. often our perception becomes our reality - how wonderful if we could all manifest wonderful things

  7. Oh wow!! What a clever post! I loved it! We get this everyday here in our town. My husband being a 'polynesian' police officer, often runs into 'white supremace' (spelling?) people who want to hurt (or much worse) him everyday. As his wife I do my best not to worry too much or hate these people in return...instead I choose to teach my sons that there is beauty in all things and people...even people who don't like us because of our skin color. We perceive what we want...and do what we can. Because like you said "Life is simple" and oh so short! Have a great day Cinner!

  8. Very true words. Its what makes us all unique!!

  9. You are so right!! I always love your outlook!!


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