Friday, September 24, 2010

The Sun is this Beautiful City!

fast and furious the frost came in
before it was really time,
I went into my yard,
it certainly did not like mine,
my Virginia Creepers
usually turn a beautiful bright red,
I stopped fast in my tracks
amazed at what I saw,
all the leaves were wrinkled, black and dead.
Oh no was the first thought that entered my mind,
and then I noticed a few gifts the frost had left behind,
there stood a single buttercup
as proud as could be,
it was like a gift that was left behind
especially for me,
I could not help but smile,
as one lone flower remained,
I think it was a reminder
that in Spring
the flowers will come again.
The last two days the sun came out
after nearly 3 weeks of hiding behind the clouds,
I was able to venture out again,
I sat at my bright yellow table,
with my journal and my pen,
The freshness of the beautiful fall day,
a bowl of hot chili and a bun,
my dog laying at my feet,
leaves from the trees falling like snowflakes
slowly to the ground,
nothing was heard but BlueJays in the distance,
their brilliant blue soaring in the sky.
I gave one last thought to summer,
and was excited for the days ahead,
that is why this morning
I awoke at five,
Soon I am off for my morning walk,
It is great to be alive.
the sun is slowly rising,
wishing good morning to me,
I smile what a wonderful day.
With the right attitude
it could be
My Best Day Ever!
have a wonderful day


  1. Cinner, what an uplifting post, thank you!! Gray sky here all morning and as I type I feel a ray of sun on my shoulder, huray the sun made it through the gray clouds. Cinner, if I didn't mix up (I'm good at this lol) tomorrow is your birthday, so I came to wish you a very very happy birthday, may your every day be the best day of your life!!! You remain me about a rainbow :-) hugs!!

  2. Birdie, thank you so much, what exciting thing am I doing for my birthday. Because It will be my first day alone in a while, I am going to paint during the day, hopefully outside, and then out for supper with Hubby. Thank you for your kindness. no one has ever said I remind them of a rainbow. are you sure you got the right take care. hugs.

  3. i hope that you enjoy that wonderful day.our mornings have bee so cool...but our days have been scorchers still...very weird...

  4. I am a wee bit concerned that you haven't received your gift yet!!! Wonder how long it takes to get something from South Carolina to Canada?

    I love that your blog posts are always so positive even when you are not well! Glad to hear you are up and about.

  5. Frost???? wow...we are still experiencing extreme heat and very dry conditions here in south Alabama! Take a deep breathe and blow some of that coolness down this way!haha
    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Great verse and full of sunshine .... a lot of which emanates from you. Take care and have a great weekend!

  7. You write with such hope...and lift my spirits every time I spend time here with you!!! You really are beautiful, inside and out, dear Cindy! This poem is just one example of that!! Love you! Janine XO

  8. What a beautiful description of your yard and your life. I see sun shiny yellow around you. We have had two days of storms here and today I walked out to the mail box and saw lots of large tree branches broken off and in the yard. And leaves are beginning to change colors. You sound like you are feeling pretty good and I hope that continues for you.

  9. Saturday is supposed to be gorgeous! Sunday, rain. Oh well. Such is life in Edmonton!

  10. It's nice to have a little sun again, isn't it. :)

  11. like you all to the north are jealous of our early spring, i'm jealous of your early fall. have a beautiful and wonderful day.

  12. And it will be your best day ever sweetie!!!


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