Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Mess With A Moose.

This is one of my statues I have in my garden,
I am posting it here today because I am so grateful
for so many things.
Today I got a message from my best friend,
Hit a moose last night, they had to put it down.
that was the message,
and I am thinking to myself,
and, and, and are you okay.
Updated later in the day that she is stiff and sore,
and that her car is totaled.
All I could think of was how Huge a Moose is!
This is the only picture I have of a Moose.
A few years ago when I went with my brother up North
we saw 17 that night. They are usually in pairs.
Dusk is the worst time when your driving.
Years ago a Moose ran right in front of My older sisters van,
all I remember is the great big head, and these long gangling legs,
that seemed to just fly right past us.
It was a miracle that we did not hit the moose that night.
The above photo was taken up North a few years back.
It was amazing and that feeling of being lost in the wilderness
well I felt it, I had never been anywhere where you had to sign in
to go past a certain point, and if you did not return in so many hours,
they put out a search party.
This is a painting my best friend made for me.
I love you Neener!
I hope your not aching too much tonight.


  1. what! send in a search party? wow. on my list of things to do is to see a moose in the wild...i think it would be so cool!

  2. In High School one of my best friends was killed when he hit a moose.....I am terrified of it. My sister lives in a place that once the river freezes deer and moose just wallk right past her deck a few feet away........:-) Hugs

  3. Wow! Seeing a moose would be something else...just not in the path of my car!! Yikes! Glad your friend is okay!
    We have a similar situation here...they close down the canyon we have to go through to get home. If you are on the wrong side..., don't get home that night. And chains and four wheel drive are a given!!

  4. elk and a totaled car. what a nightmare !

    around here that happens with deer sometimes too and i can't imagine anything much scarier.....

  5. you are a dear glad she is OK ...and I love the garden statue!!

  6. So glad that your friend was alright! I've NEVER seen a moose! Only deer, we have lots of deer around here. Your friend is a talented artist Cinner! Oh and I really liked your statue.
    Love Di ♥

  7. Oooh!!! I can't even imagine hitting a sad...for both the Moose and the car!!! So glad your friend wasn't hurt!!! Love your pics...Hope you are well!!! You've been in my thoughts!!! Love you, Janine XO

  8. Janine I have been thinking of you too. you know the moose did not die instantly which was very sad. I talked to my friend today and she is stiff and sore, she said it was one heck of a way to get a day off work. I am doing good, only had a couple cataplexy today, so it was a good day. How is your art going. can't wait to hear all about it. think of you often. you are a very strong talented woman that I think of as a friend. Be well hugs.

    Diana, I was so glad too. I think it just hit her today what a close call she had. She is very talented, her fathers artwork is amazing and so are the ones I have seen from one of her Aunts.
    Definately an artsy family. I can't believe Wandas toad on her blog was so big. have a great weekend. r u feeling okay. I have been worried about you. take care a big Canadian hug sent your way.

  9. Thank Elk, we are both blessed, take care, by to see you soon.

  10. Beth a Moose is bigger than an Elk, strange thing is they had just put up new wildlife crosses that are bigger and the driver will notice them more, I said to my sister it does not help because the moose can't read. I thought we were gonna crack up. It was silly. SO glad she is okay. she took the day off work, because she was quite stiff and sore. Thank for your visit Beth, I love that that fellow complimented you the other day. awesome and beautiful.

  11. SueAnn, oh I don't think I would like the canyons, that would be some scary stuff. Yes up where my brother and I were that was a given too. some of the weather was pretty harsh, It was between minus 30 below....who goes out in 30 below weather...okay I guess Canadians. have a great time. hugs.

  12. Bernie, I am so sorry about your school friend, that is very sad, where you sister lives must be beautiful to have them walk there....In school one of the girls I hung around with she had the worst luck with her Dads car. She hit a deer three separate time with three different vehicles, we started going to pick her up, I can remember how scary that was for her. We have lost touch over the years but she really was a wonderful girl. take care, big hugs.

  13. Brian, yes way way up north, we were hauling in a drill head for an oil well. there is literally nothing but roads and bush. so they have like a trailer set up and you have to stop give your names, sign in. I can definately understand. I was glad I went with my brother because I will never get that chance again. It was hours past Ft. Nelson, B.C....Enjoy your weekend, happy halloween.

  14. Noose's sound not so different to kangaroos except they have horns on their heads.

    Thanks for your well wishes on my blog. To answer your question we don't really celebrate Halloween here. I'm lucky if I get 4 trick or treater's at my door, but my kids want to dress up tomorrow night so we are having a BBQ and they are going to get dress up.


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