Thursday, October 21, 2010

IT Is Not A Fairytale!

If I looked at all the pages of my so called book about my life,
it would be filled with struggles, accomplishments, learning, growing,
evolving and changing. I would shake my hand and say Hi 
I am glad to meet you. Lets be friends. 
What I have realized more than ever is that we can choose our life,
and only we can live it. We choose how we want to live it to the most part.
Now I am not talking about war torn countries, or poverty stricken nations,
as there are other issues to deal with, but what makes a person rise up
beyond diversity. Why are some people able to accomplish more in twenty four
hours than others. It is a choice. I did not choose to become ill, but I did choose
to quit feeling sorry for myself, so what if I can not do what I used to, 
there is so much more now that I can do, The only thing that was holding me
back was fear of the unknown, the thoughts of what would happen next,
what if I hit my head, .....what if I did not. I learned you can live in fear
every day of your life or I could live my life every day as best I could.
I used to think within my limitations. What limitations, why should I be putting
up walls around me, when in reality the only way to make it through is to get
them out of my mind. I choose to believe that I am capable of living my 
very best life, and I look forward to the rest of my life.
I will make every conscious effort to make
Take Care, Cinner
photo courtesy of photofunia.


  1. smiles...and in that i think you found your fairy tale...not living within the walls we create...but choosing each day to make it your best one yet...smiles.

  2. Oh goodness...what a beautiful reminder. We all have choices and it's up to us to decide what to do/not do with our lives. Today is a new day...I think I will do something good with it ;) xoxo

  3. I learned this lesson at a very sad time in my life, I knew I could live without my late husband but I didn't know if I wanted too. That morning I made the choice to live as you say my very best life, the choice wasn't real hard to make but to actually live this way takes lots of work but I am so grateful for each wonderful day........:-) Hugs

  4. you are always the best - spreading cheer and happiness

  5. I'm sort of learning this lesson late in life!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Thank you dear friend for such a wonderful reminder. Yes we do choose and we need to learn to celebrate our lives...just the way they are!! Sweet and unique and all ours!


    powerful words - and I agree :-) today, I chose to drive and be with my Mom and honor my Dad's life on this day of his passing.
    have a great weekend/
    love you girl

  8. Cinner, what a wonderful post. Yes we should all try to live each day as the very best day of our life. So many of us live as if forever as like we have enough time to come back and live it again and better but we don't. We only have this exact moment and that's the one we need to live as our best. We should try at least. And I believe the more we concentrate on it (in case it doesn't come up easy), the more we will bring it into our lives and the more we will be capable to make every day our best one. It's also about being grateful for what we have. No matter what is happening in our lives there is still so much to be grateful for isn't it? ... may every day be your best day ever Cinner! hugs!

  9. Birdie,your right only this exact moment, exact day, and gratitude is the best thing, without it we are in a bad state. hugs to you Birdie.

    Gail, oh I so know you miss your Dad, honor his memory as you always do. glad you are altogether. I emailed you about this. hugs.

  10. SueAnn, sweet and unique and all ours. Just like us. hugs, glad you are a shining star in that big sky of ours.

  11. Diana, better late than never. I think your a pretty amazing woman whom is stronger than you know. Hugs and wishes of health sent your way.

  12. Char and TechnoBabe, thank you so much for the kind words. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  13. Bernie I cried when I read your comment, I can not imagine losing my hubby, I am so sorry you had to go through that. and not knowing if you wanted to. You remind me of others I have known, lucky to have friends around you, I know my Mom without her friends I don't know what would have happened. I think when you make the choice life continues on, and just making the choice helps with the grieving process. Your a very strong woman and I so admire you. I also admire how you are there for Fallon and so many others. Your an angel Bernie, you really are. hugs.

  14. Debra thanks, now if I can just always remember that.

    Caroline, that is the spirit, have an awesome day.

    Thanks Brian, maybe I have found it, take care my friend, hope your having a great weekend with your family. smiles.


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