Thursday, November 4, 2010

Echo,Bells and a Beautiful Church.

well if any of you have been following me along time,
you already know that I love old buildings,
old churches
When we visit in the mountains I always have to go and take another picture of this church.
I love it because of the original bell that you can hear clanging on Sunday morning.
It is amazing as soon as the bell tolls,
you can hear the echoing of the bell,
the noise bouncing back from the mountain walls.
It really is beautiful,
someday I should really see whats inside.
For now my travels wait, 
my sister is here visiting,
we talked and laughed on the couch
so long tonight we were both telling the other to stop,
because we were really sore from laughing,
I will get around to see everyones blogs as soon as I can.
hope you are all well,
Have Your Very Best of Days,


  1. nice. we used to ring the bell on sundays...years ago...nice looking go have fun..smiles.

  2. How wonderful!! Love the church pic! What a blessing to have a sister you love and like to be around. Laughing is good medicine!!!
    Hugging you dear one

  3. Debra, yes I love it there, its the one on main street right downtown. to me there is just something about it.

  4. Cindy....I love the churches and steeples....and as I read about the description of the bell tolling in your blog, I can picture myself there....completely blissful. What a beautiful photograph...
    Enjoy your time with your sister.

  5. Thanks Jackie, it is such a beautiful place, very hard not to feel complete peace and bliss there.
    I love old churches and one with a bell tolling,wonderful, how are you doing, I do think of you so often. hugs to you.

    SueAnn, yes I am very lucky, we had a great day today, I am overtired now, but it is so hard to keep on a schedule. so I suffer with this sleeeping business. all will be fine in the morning. be by to visit very soon. Laughing is the best medicine. for sure. I think you and I would have a lot of fun together. hugs.

  6. Brian, I think when I was very young it was a commong thing. I always loved that part of church. loved your post today. take care, have a great weekend. smiles.

  7. what a beautiful capture. i love old churches.


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