Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Give your Head A Shake!

So today I have to tell you about my last few days
I have had a bad cold, for about four days,
coming along fine, still feeling a bit under the weather.
Why do they say that, under the weather.
I don't know, but apparently that is how I am feeling.
Am I to assume that if I was not sick, I could say I am on top of the weather.
So hubby arrives home after work tonight and says,
Oh my, Are you okay, are you feeling sicker?
Did you not have a good day?
It took every ounce of loving control I could muster
to not kick him out of the house,
and tell him to come back in and lets start the night over.
I said to him, I am feeling better, I did have a good day.
He replies Are you sure?
I said Hello Honey I am home, nice to see you.
What do you mean, Am I sure?
Well your still in your pjs he says,
to which I reply and say well your still in your work clothes.
Okay so that did not make sense, maybe the cough syrup was kicking in.
Then he says, "would you like to go out for supper"
I say no I am sick.
He said, thats what I have been trying to tell you all night.
Dear God, please give me strength !
I hope this finds you all well,
the electric fireplace is on,
the snow continues to fall outside,
and I think one more day of this
and all should be well again.
Have Your Best Day Ever,
remember to laugh at the insanity
that sometimes is in our lives!
It is the best medicine.


  1. ugh...hope you continue to feel better....

  2. Feel better soon! I know...I have been struggling as well. I am looking forward to a healthy day today and I pray for one for you too!
    I miss my walking...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
    Be well and take care
    Hugging you

  3. I laughed so hard at my hubby yesterday Cinner. He was in some other state and it was pouring rain. He had to get out of his truck to drop his trailer and kept saying he was going to get soaked. So I told him to put a wal-mart bag over his head and use the handles to tie it on! I couldn't stop laughing over the phone! I think he was getting a bit irritated since all I heard was silence on the other end!
    I hope you continue to get better, and why do they say Feeling under the weather?
    Love Di ♥

  4. Cindy.... Men! Gotta love 'em!! I'm sorry that you are feeling under the weather (I don't know the meaning of that expression unless it means one is beneath the clouds... ??...but gives me food for thought...hmmmmm. (I loveed those in your post.) And...Di's comment about putting the Wal Mart bag over Jake's head and tying it on cracked me up. What a good way to start my day....coming here....reading your blog and knowing that you are feeling well enough to blog and share...and reading your comments.... I do hope that you feel better....and wish that I could share in the fact that you have snow falling. That would be a dream come true here in the deep south.

  5. Have you been sigging too much of that cough syrup? take it easy now! Hope you are feeling lots better very soon! I wish it was snowing here, however I am enjoying this mild weather we are having! Take care...

  6. Hope you are feeling better very, very soon!!

    Take care and don't be too hard on hubby.. he a man you know. Ha..They just don't think like us do they? LOL


  7. Hope you're feeling better! Next time put on a different pair of pjs and you can tell him you did change, into a new pair. I love to wear pjs all day! Thanks for your comment on my daughter!

  8. When you are not feeling well almost any remark can be annoying. Hey, we are only human after all. I hope you fend off any new germs and recover from your cold really soon.

  9. glad you are on the mend. sending you lots of healing vibes.

    one love.

  10. Thanks Se'lah, I woke this morning feeling like a new energized woman. one love my friend.

  11. TechnoBabe, Boy that is the truth, I woke this morning feeling the best I have in ten days. it is amazing to feel better, nothing like a whole lot of rest to cure me. Can you email me with your address if you wish. it is on my sidebar. take care.

  12. Lois, I should have PJS with days of the week on them, then he could not say anything. I am feeling much better. When does the Colonel get to come home next. I know you are anxiously waiting my friend. hugs.

  13. Coreen , I know I just have to remember that more often. I think I need that book. Woman are from Venus, Men are from Mars, that and give it up to God that it is out of my hands. lol. hugs.

  14. Cora, BRRP , I am not sure, what cough syrup, brp. lol. Ok I put the lid on it. hugs my friend.

  15. Jackie, you made me laugh, I have had a few people saying they would love the snow. I actually do to, when we ease into it. next week it is supposed to warm up a bit, so that will be nice. And today is the first day in ten days I feel like my cold is gone and I have some energy, Halleyluyah. Have you started your blog again, I miss reading about you. Let me know. hugs and have a great Thanksgiving, thanks for stopping by. I so love your visits.

  16. Diana, you cracked me up with telling me about Jake, when something hits us hilarious, don't you just love their silence knowing they are thinking, ok she has lost it, it is official. good one. The quieter Wain gets the funnier it seems to me. I am sure he and Jake could trade stories. Glad Ginny will be there on Tuesday. have a wonderful holiday. hugs.

  17. SueAnn, it was good to hear you are on the mend, today is a new day. I will probably accomplish more than I have in the last ten days. I will not overdo it. slow, slow, breathe. you too. hugs.

  18. Brian, thanks so much, feeling much better.


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