Monday, November 1, 2010

Heart Shapes and Odds and Sods.

Hard to believe that it is November 1 already,
we had about 60 children at the house last night,
some of them had some wonderful costumes,
being the bird lover I am, my favorite
was a little guy about two dressed in
a Macaw Parrot outfit.
He was just darling, I asked him if he knew 
what noise a parrot makes and he screeched.
we all laughed and he was thrilled to do it for us again.
There were just enough treats and I have to say
I did not even sneak one.
the stolen bikes from next door were never found,
the people that tried to break in have not been caught,
nor have I seen them lurking at the window,
my younger sister is coming for a visit on Thursday,
The honey Do List mentioned in my last post
was not a success.
There just was not enough hours in the day...
See how I defend him. lol.
I wish you all a wonderful week ahead,
May you have some of your 
Best Days Ever.
Be well.


  1. aw that little one sounds cute...we had 2 or 3 little ones...of course we were out for an hour with our boys so...

  2. We had 47 kids -- not bad, all things considered. Lots of vampires. The cutest costume was a kid who came as a slice of pizza!

  3. You make me smile! Wow! we have never had half that many T or T's! What fun!
    Thanks for the updates!
    Hoping you have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi Cinner .. tahnks for sharign such a lovely photo .. makes me want to go to the park now and read :) .. buuut it is a bit cold here so glad u bought the park to me via this pic. Hope ur neighbors bike is eventually found, and good luck with the honey do list. ps sad to read that u had to remove some content from ur blog ... remember it is ur blog and you blog as u want to .. party as you want to .. so brush off any/all meanies aside :)

  5. I missed the last post Cinner, I'll have to go back. My honey do list never ends with Jake only being home four days a month!
    I am so proud that you didn't even have one piece of Halloween candy! That is really awesome!
    Love Di ♥


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