Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Act of Kindness with Se'lah and Anyes

So the days of fall have been passing by quicker than I can blink it seems,
The forecast of snow is in our near future.
The storm has already hit parts of Saskatchewan.
When I was twenty four years old I lived with a girl named Sharla,
we had such fun together, she had the best laugh in the world.
She worked in a doughnut shop and worked the night shift.
Every morning after her shift she would bring something home from work
for breakfast. We were young and we had no concern for gaining weight,
we just lived and laughed. A few years later she was killed in a car accident,
that was approximately 20 years ago. I have been thinking of her all day today.
I was told that her brother had been in an accident in the snow storm
and had passed away. The two others involved are in critical care.
Such a sad time for the family and the community.
I usually don't talk about such sad things,
but I had told  Se'Lah of Necessary Room that I would be involved
with the random act of kindness on the 13th.
So I wanted to show you how a random act of kindness touched my life.
When my friend Sharla passed away, I sent her Mom a Sympathy card and 
wrote a short note about how special of a person she was.
Approximately a year later I received a letter in the mail
from her Mom and the letter read along the lines of
Dear Cindy, I know that my daughter and you were great friends, She spoke of you often,
with kindness and told me what a jovial person you are. If I can encourage you to do anything,
please pursue your Art. It is a gift you have and it would be sad to not use it.
......What struck me was this woman whom was grieving her daughter took the time
to write to me, reminded me of  many things and encouraged me.
She did not want for me to waste my life, she wanted me to fulfill my talent,
that apparently Sharla had told her about.
What a random Act of Kindness!
The letter has been one of my treasures and sadly was lost the last time I moved,
I can still see her writing and was amazed at the warmth that she showed me.
I had never met her, but in her words it was apparent that she knew me.
So my Random Act of Kindness is to return her kindness by writing her a letter
that really is twenty some years overdue.
Let us not forget how special every moment and every thing we do is!


  1. smiles. if only we all did this every day...imagine the world we would live in...our words make all the difference in the world....

  2. Thank you Cinner! What precious memories and that letter was truly a gift!
    One second can change our lives we much live each day with enthusiasm and joy! Don't hold back...go for it!!

  3. no way!!!!! That is phenomenal...these moments change lives. I love it.

    Happy World Kindness Day Cinner. you are a blessing. one love.

  4. Isn't that wonderful?? You are a blessing my dear and I am so glad to know you! xoxo

  5. Big sigh. That is so touching Cinner. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    Happy World Kindness Day!
    xoxo jj

  6. It is such a powerful story, Cinner Thank you for sharing it with us and reminding us that every moment is indeed special.

  7. Cinner, that is a very touching story. I'm sure your friend's mom will be touched by your letter!
    big hugs!

  8. What a story Cinner. It must have been so hard losing a close friend like that. I understand why it took your friends mother a year before writing those kind words to you. It had to be hard for her. Very thoughtful. Love Di ♥

  9. ((hugs)) it is always hard to lose someone always. and even after the years pass, the ache is there when we think of them and want them with us. what a beautiful treasure of a letter from her mother.


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