Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home....To The Place.....

This was the morning of our trip to the farm,
what a beautiful sunrise. It was a little foggy
but we were just thrilled there was no snow.
I love starting the day with a sunrise.
Really our world is full of so many spectacular things.
Here we are just a little ways further out of the city,
I can never pick one sunrise over the next, I just find them all simply stunning,
especially when the snow sparkles like diamond as the rays
illuminate the whole area. True Bliss for me.
Daylight almost here.
There was very little traffic on the highway,
I somehow felt I was being guided home.
That God was doing this all for us.
What a gift.
I sure am a Prairie Girl,
I just love the snow, and the snow drifts,
the fresh air, there was some frost on the trees
hard to see here though.
We could see a lot of deer tracks in the snow, That was a close as we got to any deer.
We were blessed with this amazing moon, I have never seen anything like it,
The bright orange started looking like a square on top of a silo.
It was very strange. because it was square it did not even look like the moon.
The eclipse had been two days before so I was surprised to see this.
Can you see the face....the Man on the Moon?
It was bright orange for about one hour 
and then it turned into a normal colored moon.
I wish you could have all seen it for yourself
because this picture from my little point and shoot
just does not do any justice to it.
Just about home.
After what seemed like a short night sleep due to Mom and I sitting up 
until almost one in the morning, hubby had long gone to rest.
This was the few from the living room outside.
Do you see all the snow hanging overhead on top of the roof.
What a beautiful winter wonderland outside.
The evergreen grove was planted years ago when
my father was about ten. He had planted them with my Grandparents.
Looking at those trees made me think of my Dad,
I could smile and remember our stories, the times we sat in the room,
This year I could smile, my heart was not as heavy as last year.
The view from the lane,
just white everywhere.
This is Buster, my brother and I are following
him in the truck. luckily my brother has a bulldozer
that he can clear the roads. they really have a lot of snow.
Nothing makes The Siberian Husky happier than being in the snow.
Here I tripped over a snowbank having a Cataplexy spell.
I could show you pictures of the dog licking my face.
my brother kept laughing at me, then I would have another Cataplexy spell.
Finally we were able to settle down and get me up.
my right wrist and knee were sore for two days.
My glass was frozen and a change of clothes were necessary.
And I forgot to make a snow angel in the snow.
Buster has to be tied up as there are a bunch of coyotes in the area.
That and he chases the cats!
This is one of my favorite pictures, 
by the side of the trees over by the granaries,
some winters there could be 10 feet high snow banks
and we would go and build forts and tunnels in there.
We would get home to the house with the reddest little cheeks,
telling them what a fantastic time we had,
As soon as we were warm and our boots and clothes
dried by the old wood stove we would wander back out
to our forts and to our in imaginations.
Here it was almost the end of  the day.
As beautiful as the sunrises, so are the sunsets.
As beautiful are the days, so too are the nights
The first day flew by so fast, and when we left 2 days later,
both Hubby and I  looking at another sunrise
said, What happened to the days.
They just flew by.
He reached out and held my hand,
We were quiet both reflecting on our visit,
both ready to get back home,
and the wheels and the sound of the motor continued.
It was going to be a Great Day.
I hope you have your Very Best Day Ever.
Take care


  1. All of your pictures are just beautiful.... I hope you are ok from your fall!

  2. gorgeous winter photos! i'm finding myself loving this winter so much - the light has been just spectacular. i saw that orange moon too - just the day after the eclipse, but it was too low on the horizon to photograph it, so i had to take a picture in my head. it was the most amazing, enormous moon, just rising on the horizon and orange, just like yours.

    i hope you're feeling better after the fall. i fell on my wrist yesterday skating, and it's been a bit ouchy today, so i know how that is!

    happy new year to you!!

  3. what lovely pictures...sounds like a great trip despite the spill and soreness...i like your fav as well...

  4. Good thing you didn't hurt your hiney or broke something. It is lovely there though and I know you enjoyed being with your family.

  5. beautiful beautiful shots - it looks so peaceful. he is a beautiful husky too. glad you're okay now after your fall.

  6. wow wow wow and wow. you have no idea how i love those pictures. gotta make a plan to get to a snowy place...

  7. beautiful and peaceful pictures thanks for sharing blessing upon you this new year and alwasys

  8. what a lovely series of winter white take care cinner more falling!!

  9. I love the farm pics. So beautiful and your right brings back so many memories if such fun times with the family. I miss the winters there the most playing in the snow.

  10. New Year's greetings! From one prairie girl to another :) Have you heard of the poem or story "If you're not from the prairie?" Google it and I bet you will love it like I do :) Great photos and hope you healed up well and are enjoying the snow again! New Year's blessings to you!

  11. happy 2011! wishing you peace and happiness.


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