Wednesday, December 1, 2010

;Lets Be The Village, December and Plans

can you believe it!
Today is my sister Lauries Birthday,
I just had a long talk to her on the phone,
She is always a good way to start my day.
Another way I like to start the day
is to go over to my friend Se'lahs blog.
She gets us together for Random Act of Kindness,
Gift of Jewels,
and now  is giving of her heart once again.
Please visit her.
at her blog Necessary Room.
She has a heart of gold,
and it is for a very good cause.
I grew up on a farm as most of you know,
Christmas was always a time for gatherings.
Sometimes there would be 25 - 30 people there.
We always had my Grandmother and my Great Aunt would come from where she lived,
and thinking of Christmas this year,
I am really missing all the people that have left earth as they were called.
So my hubby and I are going to go home for Christmas.
It will be a small Christmas but it will still be wonderful.
I will call my Mom tonight,
She has been asking me for days,
I keep saying As soon as Wain knows if he can get the time off, I will let you know.
So conversation yesterday went something like this,
Mom: Did Wain find out yet if he gets the time off?
Me: Mom the paperwork just went in yesterday.
Mom: Well all they have to say is yes or no.
Me: That would be great, but the days off have to be approved and go through the proper chanels.
Mom; What Chanels,? Did you say Chanels?
Me: Chanel 18 the music chanel
Mom: What?
Me; Mom the proper channels, he has to get authorization from his boss, whom has to get
authorization from his boss.. Then they will let us know. and I will let you know ASAP
Mom: Well I just don't understand why Wain can't go in and say he is going home for Christmas, how about if I phone them?
Me; Mom that is like having your Mommy phone in sick for you?
Mom, Well I could do that too at the same time.
Me, oh for sure Mom, do you have a pen?
Mom; Just a minute, (I can hear her walking away talking to herself saying,she will get this straightened out.)
Me thinking...Lord Love a Duck...which just happens to be one of her sayings. hearing her footsteps, shes coming.
Mom: okay I got the pen and paper.
Me, The number is 1-800-not a chance!
Mom: laughing saying, well I thought it might work.
Me; Mom as soon as I know I will let you know.
We were both laughing by this time.
some of our conversations seem a little strange.
So when Wain came home last night, he told me everything had been approved.
So tonight I will let her know,
and I know she will say, see he did not have to go through any channels.
But she will be happy knowing we are coming home,
and so are we!
I hope you have the Very Best of Days


  1. Happy Birthday to your sister.

    So glad your Christmas plans are falling into place. It should be a great one. Thanks for all you do!

    one love.

  2. it is always good to be home for the holidays! :) and yes....mothers.

  3. nice...sounds like you are in store for a wonderful christmas and happy bday to your sis!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURIE!!!! I hope it's a great one and a great year for you.

    So happy you and Wain get to head home for the holidays. I know how hard it is to be away from family this time of year so I'm especially excited for you.

    Your Mom sounds like a great lady!

    xoxo jj

  5. I loved the conversation!!! Your mom is a sweetie pie for sure!!!! Glad you get to go home! She is going to be thrilled!!

  6. I can believe it is December either, the year has gone so quick hasn't it?
    I've never experienced a big get together at Christmas. I'd love a big Christmas but we only have a small family. All is good though we still have fun and enjoy each others company.

    I hope you are well.

  7. "Listening in" on you and your mom talking on the phone is a treat. You crack me up.

  8. So Happy you both can go 'Home' for Christmas! That was such a funny conversation with your mom! My being a 'mom' who's sons are all coming Home for Christmsa (first time they all could in 3 years) I am so understanding how excited and anxious your mother is about you coming home! LOL I know how excited I am for Christmas this year! :-)

    Happy December!!!!!!

  9. HI LOVE

    Oh yes, "going home" - the words warm my heart for you and your Mom and all tht will gather. "Home for the holidays..................." wonderful
    Love you

  10. that sounds like a great Christmas family gathering is ahead :-) that's wonderful!! yes, isn't Se'lahs heart just huge? .... hugs!!

  11. Home is the best place to have holidays. Small is better in so many things and holidays can be grand when small. Lots to smile about here :-)

  12. Stay warm up there, Cinner!
    Stay warm and cozy!

  13. 1-800-not-a-chance!! ROFL!!! You are too funny!!! Love it! Hope you are well! You've been in my thoughts! And so I wanted to send you my love!! ~Janine XO

  14. Oh too funny Cinner! Love reading your posts. You have the gift of gab with everything you say and write! I love it!!!!!! Happy B-Day to your sis and I'm so glad you're going home!!

  15. okay....a little happy dance here because i can finally comment on your blog again :)


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