Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On A Wintry Day.

I feel the fresh crispness every time I take a breath,
I can see my breath, my only companion,
I can hear the sound of my feet crunching in the snow,
As I look mesmerized they too are silent.
I feel a gentle urging to continue on,
to feast upon the gifts laid out right before me.
the open tranquil sky, the smell of the pines,
even the shadows seem mysterious.
dancing upon the whiteness of the snow.
It is truly beautiful,
When first I arrived my heart felt heavy,
now it feels surprisingly  light!
I have stayed a good long while,
and fast approaches night
I see our vehicle approaching,
my husband coming to pick me up,
soon we will be back at home,
sipping chicken noodle soup
from our favorite Christmas cups,
we sat in front of the fire,
gazing at the flames
feeling their warmth  take the chill from the air..
It really was one of my Very Best Days.

Take care


  1. There's nothing that says winter like the crunch of snow as you walk!

  2. nice...sitting by the fire sipping that...enjoy it!

  3. I relate so well... we are on the same wavelength, but you have expressed it so well with your words! Beautiful!

  4. oh cindy...this is beautiful !
    you inspire me to live with a smile on my face even when i don't get along with the cold weather and snow....

  5. That's really wonderful. Always successful in bringing out a smile on my face......a big Thanks.

    with Hugs

  6. Hope you are well and staying warm, I am so full of cold today cinner and my head ache is horrendous but I know in a couple of days I will be fine....just have to live through this right now. you, .....:-) Hugs

  7. Oh you did have a wonderful day! And your words describing this day took me right along with you. I love this journey and the soup and fire made for a perfect end!!
    Thank you

  8. SueAnn, it really was nice, I hae to go outside now and do some shovelling....hope you are doing well. hugs.

    Bernie, I am so sorry you are sick with a cold. hope you feel real better fast.those headaches can be brutal, thoughts and prayers with you my dear friend.

  9. Yolanda, thank you, the snow is coming down and has made some work for me to do. lol...hope you are having a great day. take care.

  10. Shalet, glad to make you smile, maybe you show up on the right days. hugs. take care.

  11. Beth, thanks, a smile is always a good thing. so loved your yesterday. hugs, and was I excited to see you can comment again. be well.

    Char, thank you, I have been having trouble commenting on your blog but have been reading you.. just in case you come back and read this. hugs.

  12. Brian, soup by a fire...I love it, reminds me of when we used to come inside after doing chores. we would all have a bowl of Moms soup. ah those were the days. lol.

    Debra, if you know the crunch your from Alberta. have a great day. hugs.

  13. Vicky your pictures are just beautiful, I had to come by and yes they are speaking a thousand words to me. take care. be well.

  14. I like that your breath is your only companion. I hear the crunch of snow as you walk. This is some really good writing.

  15. beautiful.... blessings to you and yours.

  16. TechnoBabe, thank you so much. your so kind. You would laugh if you could see all the snow that is here...but hey no complaining from me.

    Baracka, blessings to you too. take care.


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