Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Early Morning Moments

Good Morning Everyone,
I awoke this morning feeling like I could walk to the moon.
It is very uncommon for me to wake with lots of energy
due to the Narcolepsy/Cataplexy.
This morning I was up by 5 am.
The weather is supposed to be 0 degrees today,
I went and shoveled the snow from yesterday which was wet and heavy
due to a morning drizzle here.
But the air was so fresh, the neighborhood had not yet come alive,
other than my husband leaving for work. we had a snowball fight.
He said, Lord let me wake up first, kissed me goodbye and was gone.
Then I played with the dog whom was thrilled to have me up so early.
Then into the house and I walked ten minutes on my treadmill.
So my day is off to a really good start. I still will do my Tai Chi after I am done on the Computer.
This month is a busy one for me, one nephew is getting married in B.C. on the 15th.
My Mom, younger sister and I are going out together.
We will only be gone for 3 days, then we are going to hang out at my sisters in Calgary.
This is a picture of my niece.
It was taken in Nashville by a friend of hers.
made me think  I would love to start my day with a spot of tea.
My niece is in Nashville working with a song writer.
She then comes back and the recording is done in Saskatchewan
and then back she goes again, And she also works full time
as well as do charity work. I hope she makes it to the top.
As she says its about luck and being in the right place at the right time.
Here is one of my favorite pictures of her.
The girl is so photogenic, I have never seen her in a bad picture.
She laughs and says that is only because she deletes them all.
Enough of my family, I have probably bored you to death.
The sun is starting to come up, It is going to be an incredible day.
My cat is lying here looking over my shoulder purring,
the spa nature music is playing, my dog is watching us from the hallway,
and I got a pot of tea brewing, It is such a blissful morning.
May you all have a fabulous day.
May you forget any worries, troubles or woe,
and allow yourself to be happy.


  1. This post felt like a you and I were sitting across the table from each other drinking coffee. Just the thing I needed this morning. Have a beautiful day...and your niece...I hope she's the next Carrie Underwood!!!

  2. Your niece is gorgeous! And she sounds like a nice girl too. I wish her every success!

  3. wow. how cool about your niece...hope you have a great trip and have fun hanging out...and if you walk to the moon, please take a picture for me...smiles.

  4. beautiful shot of your niece - what a great place for her to get to work.

    the wedding sounds like fun too.

  5. what a great way to wake up !!
    but what? it was zero outside and you were shoveling ? YIKES !!!

    your niece is beautiful and i hope she makes it big, too....we have to nashville many times and that is such a great place !!!

    did you know i have tea every morning no matter what ? oh i love my tea!!!

  6. Your niece is very lovely Cinner and I hope that she gets the success that she dreams of! It sounds as though your January is going well and has some fun involved!! Maybe mine will turn around soon too! Love Di ♥

  7. Your niece is gorgeous and good luck to her!! Mine January is starting out well too! Enjoy yours!

  8. Wonderful pic of your neice. I hope her dreams come true and yours too.

  9. We had almost the same day, My Cinner. I was up at 4:30....not for a good reason, but at least I was up to see another day.

    And, I too walked 10 minutes on the dread mill...and I too took the time to come and visit with my friend.

    To make sure I say I love visiting, and promise to do it more often in the days to come...

    But for now, simply to wish my Friend, Happiest of Years to come.


  10. Your niece is so pretty! Wishing her good luck.
    What are you doing up so gosh I would of slept all afternoon if it were me. So glad you feel good cinner.........:-)Hugs

  11. Bernie, I ended up sleeping for 3 hours in the afternoon, which is a shame on such a beautiful afternoon, and now here it is again almost 4 am.
    did you watch the hockey game last night?....hugs.

    Hi Holly, thank you, I am still laughing at your rant from the other day. I was so glad to see my Holly back. hugs.

  12. Yolanda, thank you and I hope your dreams come true as well. take care.

    SueAnn, so glad to hear your January is off to a good start, be well my friend.

    Diana, oh I so hope yours does. sometimes it is a let down that the holidays are over especially when there is so much buildup and then you feel the rug has been pulled from under you, and now what.....I have faith it will turn around for you soon. big hug, remember your a beautiful woman...when I am feeling blue I try to keep myself busy...I started knitting, all I know is knit one row, pearl one row...I don't know how to read a pattern but it keeps my hands occupied. I hope your hands are feeling better soon. Your in my prayers dear one. hugs.

  13. Beth, I am trying to get away from coffee, so I am starting to like my tea. finally. I have always wanted to go see Nashville. Her Mom, my brother, and my nephew are all going to Nashville at the end of the month to see her and see what she is busy doing. My Mom and my Great Aunt took a trip on the bus down to Nashville about 20 years ago. at that time they could go anywhere in the US for 99.oo. My Mother loved it. I want to go to that seaside that you showed on your blog the other day. and then Nashville.
    ME the world traveller. I will need to get a passport first. lol. hugs to you.

  14. Char I am excited about the wedding, we spent a lot of time together when he was little, he will always still be my little boy. He was a going concern when he was little, ran over a tree my Dad had planted with the lawn mower. we never knew what would happen next. lol. take care. I will have to take some pictures for sure. hugs.

    Brian, I waited to long in the day and had to have a nap, so the pictures of the moon will have to wait until next time. smiles, hope you had a great day.

  15. Debra, she is, I so hope she makes it too. It sure will not be from lack of trying and hard work. Hope you are well, thanks for popping by, I always love to have you visit. thanks. hugs.

  16. Caroline, I would so much love to sit at a table with you. I think we would have a lot of laughs together...maybe we could go shopping for uggs too.
    take care, hope you had a great day. hugs.


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