Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Plans!

Snowing and blowing,
the wind howling outside,
The walls creaking and groaning,
Big wool socks, flannel pjs.
Hot Chocolate, Hot Coffee,
Flavored French Vanilla Creamer,
The warmth of the electric fireplace,
Big Comfy Blanket, Maybe a Movie,
For sure an Afternoon Nap,
A day to rest,
be Comfy
Be cozy,
We can shovel 
on Monday.
I hope you have a great day!


  1. ohhh yes, a fireplace and a movie? i would be a goner!

  2. We had a day like that yesterday. We watched two movies, read, napped, James trimmed my hair. Woke up this morning to more snow. So pretty, and like you say, we can shovel snow tomorrow. I think I will make some lemon bars this morning. And a pot of decaf coffee. Enjoy your cozy day together.

  3. Hi cinner, that was some storm wasn't it. You know I am still snowed in, my car hasn't been dug out yet, wish I could do it on my own, am trying, have been out there but that wind is so cold. I have decided to just wait, I have a fire going and a cup of going to settle in, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get around more.....:-)Hugs

  4. Put the kettle on, I'm on my way.

  5. Sounds just like my corner of the world, with the exception of having to leave the comforts of home for several trips to the hockey rink :) Hope you stay warm and comfy and yes, snow will still be there for removal on Monday!

  6. enjoy that day of rest..we are supposed to get the snow monday night....

  7. I would have loved to spend the day just like you!

  8. It sounds like a great idea to me! Love the background Cinner, very pretty!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Hi Cindy! It's cold here (for a change!) shoveling because there is never any snow. I send you a warm hug....and hope that you have a tremendous week.

  10. I have a little bit of your snow... not much though and definitely not enough to shovel. It's a snow day though, and that puts a smile on my face.

    I scrolled down and looked at your barn photos. Barns have so much character, don't they.

    Stay warm and dry today!

  11. What a fabulous poem, dear Cindy!!! You brought me HUGE smiles with this one!!! Love your new background as well!!! I'm just poppin' by to let you know that you've been in my thoughts!!! Love you! ~Janine xo

  12. Thanks everybody for the lovely comments, you always make my day . I love that you share your lives with me. I have to say I have been craving Lemon Bars every since I read TechnoBabes post...I bet you look cute making them with a freshly trimmed hairdo. Bernie I can so picture your car hidden in the snow and am hoping that you did not have to go out. stay warm my friends. I will be visiting you all real soon.


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