Monday, March 14, 2011

Believe in Possibilities.

I am learning to layering of pictures,
trying to teach myself.
I find the more I play with them
the more I learn.
I have photo impress 4.
The fairy image is courtesy of Magic Moonlight Studios.
and the background I believe is from Blogology.
I have a list where to get lovely images so you may want to see there.
I added the text, the butterflies, some roses, and the butterflies,
and played with the texture. I love the final result.
I have always had a love for fairies, they make me think anything is possible.
Believe in Possibilities!
The sun came out on the weekend,
My Godchild spent Saturday night visiting.
She is eight. We made bracelets,
She wanted to learn how to crochet.
That was too hard, we had pizza,
and later she asked if we could have ice creame,
Sure go get the pail from the freezer and bring two spoons.
So she kind of looks at me funny, I took the lid off,
and there we sat eating ice cream together out of the pail.
Well she figured this was the best thing ever,
She had never been allowed to do this before.
I said it will be our secret, that  we usually don't eat from the pail,
but it was just about empty.
Then the dog licked out the little bit on the edges,
and I said well there now the dishes are done too.
She was grossed right out, oh she makes me laugh.
So on Sunday I opened my doors and let the fresh air into the house,
The sun was shining most of the day,
The birds were singing and I was happy in my heart.
I hope you all had a great weekend.
I wish you all a wonderful week!
Believe in the possibilities.


  1. what a perfect weekend....i love spoiling my nieces and nephews, too :)

  2. what a perfect perfect weekend!!! sounds just exactly right.

  3. smiles. sounds like you made some beautiful memories this weekend...eating from the pail makes you cool...smiles. and i like your art...fairies do make things possible...

  4. How cute! That does sound like a lovely weekend. I have the opposite problem with my boys, they would eat right out of the pail every time if I let them :)

  5. It's fun to do something that we are not allowed to do, well... within reason! Do the unthinkable!! :)
    Thanks for your visits and comments, they always make me smile. I am really behind on my visits lately, but you are one I always come back to.
    Blessings to you!


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