Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things on My Mind!

So our cold snap is supposed to break today.
I did have to venture out and spent about
two and a half hours shoveling snow,
not fast mind you and I do have some weight
behind me so Cinner as a snowdozer
works not so shabby when you are in dire need.
Hubby was on cal.l and was called out a couple of times
so Cinner was left alone quite a bit, I finally did
catch up on a few things as pertains to the household errands,
not interesting enough to talk about.
I worked on a toilet paper roll project for all my paints,
brushes, and pens. It is turning out quite nicely and what a space saver
it is. So I guess I am doing my part on recycling toilet paper rolls.
I cooked a pot roast on the weekend, minus the yorkshire
pudding and gravy. I lost 9 pounds at my Weight Wise meeting
last week. So I was thrilled with that.
Things that I read this week, there is a form of treatment
where you get frozen to help eliminate cellulite, refresh your skin,
recharges your system. It is at some crazy temp and you are in a controlled
environment. The lasting effects are apparently temporary. It is supposed to help
with the brain theory is if I find minus 35 cold, I am not going any cooler than that,
I have to honestly admit than when I have come inside from being outside and cold,
I certainly don't check the cellulite on my legs or behind because you can't bend anyways,
and frankly at that point of the day if anyone else wants to tell me about the cellulite
well they better step away from the person resembling a walrus where the snow
and sweat have melded into two tusks of ice. As for my skin yes it is refreshed
and glowing bright cheery rosy red which could also resemble a tomotao with the 
skinned peeled but I am going with refreshed. As to benefits to my brain,
absolutely because when I went by the mirror and saw myself scarf, toque, black
mascara running down my face, ice covering my scarf, hair in disaray what was sticking 
from under the hat, big warm fuzzy socks, baggy sweat pants, was like running into a brick wall and realizing,
Cinner your not all that and a bag of chips in this gear.
No wonder I never had any children, just saying..
One of my neighbors was outside shoveling too,
His glasses were frozen and all fogged up
so he could hardly see me I am sure,
I did think to myself I bet yah he can hardly see the snow,
he was not shoveling all the sidewalk either.
I thought to myself maybe he has froze his brain already.
We wished each other a Great Day,
proof we had both spent too much time outside.
Thanks for showing up at my window. I was so thrilled
by all the comments and those of you who visited.
Truth be told I am a winter lover.
Do you believe it or not?
Until next time,


  1. you get frozen? that is know if i would do well as a popsicle....

    i am a little jealous of your snow though...

  2. Yikes, I like my snow in the mountains and when I can stay home. While yours looks lovely....uh no, I will pass right now.
    The sweet older gentleman next door to us is from Canada and when it snows he's the first out the door to shovel his walk, my walk, whoevers walk he can shovel.....uh, I do appreciate it and he loves and misses the snow. Who am I to stand in the way of a man and his shovel, right? lol
    Take care my friend and congrats on the weight lose. whoot for you.
    Oma Linda

  3. Dear Cindy (or should I say "Refreshed" :)))....I loved this post! You had me laughing right out loud. Great sense of humor and wonderful writing, my friend!!!
    I do hope that you have thawed out....without even worrying about looking for/at cellulite.
    I especially laughed at the neighbor's shoveling snow with frozen and fogged up glasses. What a picture you painted. Great post!!!
    Warmest hugs,

  4. Oh dear, shoveling snow already? I am not ready to do that but if it snows I will get the shoveling done. Ya do what ya gotta do, yes? Hope you are feeling spry and congrats on the pounds lost.

  5. I love Winter too, especially the snow. Congratulations on losing that nine pounds. I am visiting my doctor on Friday for a follow up and I know he is going to wish I lost more weight. I hope that you have a wonderful day. It's a bit colder today, there's snow forecasted for up North on the way to my mom's but I think it's only going to rain here for now.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. It's been dusk for days. And wet. If the temps were a bit cooler, I'd be in the winter waste lands with you.

    Do you like winter? Yes, yes you do. More importantly, you teach us to like each day we have for the experiences it brings us.

    It is why I was first attracted to your blog; why I developed a friendship with you over the blogwaves...and why I continue to admire you so very much.

  7. you hon. Thank you for my first smile of the am. I was about half way through your post yesterday when Jim got here..after three months away I had to stop and come back LOL!!
    I love the winter..and well..I look a bit puffy in my winter gear too..but well who cares right! We rock just the way we are. I made the mistake of going out and shoveling in my yoga pants the other day....looked great..froze my nee naws! Am thinkin you were smarter than I. Love the winter..folks think I am nuts but I so do!!! Love ya hon, Sarah

  8. HI LOVE - I could so "SEE" you in your snow shoveling outfit and I love it!! And being frozen sounds horrid.
    We are cleaning today and then for the next two days we are dong all the prep stuff for Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday.
    Love you girl "hey"

  9. I am sorry but your picture made me want to cry. I am just not ready for it. Luckily the 10 inches that we got a few weeks back has all melted and there isn't any snow in the forecast this week !
    Who cares what you look like when you are being a snowplow ! Brava to you for getting out there and doing it. Believe in your own beauty, Lovely One !
    Big hugs ! Stay warm !

  10. The last time I shoveled I looked and felt the same way! Horrible. I love the picture at the top, it's so beautiful. But doesn't feel that beautiful when you have to get out and shovel. Congrats on losing the 9 pounds! Don't look back! Keep going!!! Enjoy your day!

  11. Ya'll should see me when I shovel or feed the critters in the white muck. I, on the other hand, am not a lover of winter!!! Heeehehe!!!

    I just wanted to drop in and wish you and your precious family a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!!

    BTW: Drop by when ya have a chance.... place..ya'll come! Woohoo!!! :o)

  12. Ha ha ha ha loved this Cinner you go girl shovelling all that darn snow. And the cellulite my goodness freezing it hey well that's a new one ha ha.
    Love girl


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