Friday, February 3, 2012

Through these Eyes.

As I have visited your blogs,
Many times I have been amazed at what I see or read.
I am amazed by the many talented individuals,
creating, crafting,dedicated to their choice of art.
I have seen the most beautiful photography
capturing moments making cherished memories.
I am able to recognize certain photographers
instantly by a jumping shot, or softness in their work,
or minimalist design.
Through my eyes I have been able to read poetry
that has made me gasp with an unsuspected ending,
surprised at the stories one can tell in 55 words.
Through these eyes I have read stories of
individual struggles with cancer and I am in awe
at how they fight their battles with such grace and dignity.
At times I have sometimes felt as if any words I could
say were insufficient. Through these eyes I have learned
that somehow most of us are very similar,
kind, caring, and loving individuals,
Most of us know the real meaning of life,
and that it is the little things in life that are most important,
family, friends, loving, kindness, understanding and gratitude.
Through these eyes I have been blessed
to learn from every one of you.
I have seen and read of places I have never been,
of people I may never meet but yet I feel I know them.
Through these eyes, through your blogs
I am reminded every day of the goodness in the world,
and all the opportunities we have,
I have learned that no two of us are the same,
and that even in our differences there is knowledge
and compassion and above all else regardless
of religion, cultures, different countries,
friendship knows no boundaries.
I started blogging at a time in my life
when I was very very isolated
due to an illness,
and whether you know
it or not
I believe we all have a little angel in us,
and some of us unknowingly
don't realize how we can affect others around us.
Trust me you do,
most of us want to really make a difference in the world,
and some of us think when will that happen.
There is a very good chance
you already have!
Sometimes what does not seem like a big thing to us
may be the biggest thing to  someone else!
life is amazing.
Through these eyes
nothing is impossible,
not now, not ever!
So here's looking at you.
Until next time,


  1. Cindy this is so beautifully written ... know that you with your positive attitude, kindness, humor & many other qualities are making a big difference!! And your eyes are beautiful :-) how could they not be? they are the window to your Soul ... :-) big hugs!

    1. Birdie, thanks that is kind of you to say, I am blessed to know you. love to you. hugs.

    2. Monica, thank you so. have a wonderful day, can't wait until your next post. I always feel I have learned something new or have been inspired in some way. hope you are well. hugs to you.

  2. This has given me chills... always so much inspiration among your pages. Thank you!

    1. smiles...this makes me smile...i lay it out there pretty well on my blog but there are things i dont touch...of havent a whole lot...when i was going through marital struggles last year, which are thankfully behind me at this point and relationship still intact and was many of the bloggers that really helped me with is a beautiful thing this are you...and you do write things with signifigance...

    2. Brian, that means a lot coming from you. I really believe that this community is a beautiful thing. I am sorry you were going through some problems, it becomes stronger when you work things through and your love becomes stronger. thanks for sharing with me Brian. Sometimes I think I am just boring in some of my posts so I appreciate you saying I write things with Signifigance. I will remind myself of that. have a great day. will you be watching Super Bowl. we are here. have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Yes, so many talented people in the blogosphere! Blogging brings the world to our homes!

    1. Debra it really is amzing the depth of the talent. I am glad to have found your blog. I have learned a lot from you and HRH. lol. have a great day. do you watch the superbowl.

  4. Beautiful Post Cinner and I agree with every word. Our blog friends are the best!! Love Di ♥

    1. Di yes our blog friends are the best, so glad I have your friendship. hope you are feeling well and that you are taking it easy. hugs.

  5. HI CINNER - this is so amazing. Wow! I love your vision.

    Love Gail

    1. Gail, aww thank you. have a great day. do you watch the Super Bowl. how is your book going. sending love your way. hugs.

  6. This is a beautiful post! By a very special person

    1. Spunky Suzi, it takes one to know one. have a wonderful day. hugs.

  7. Ah, Cinner-- I love this. Well said and I agree-- Bloggers are amazing people who make a huge difference in our lives.
    xo jj

    1. It just shows what a lovely woman you are that you have an open mind and willing heart to listen to others and care about others while you deal with your own issues. This post is very well written in my opinion and full of love.

    2. CiCi hi, thank you for your kind words. I am the one that is truly blessed to have gotten to know friends here in Blog land. I feel the same about you too. often your words have made me have a better day.

      Joanna, They are amazing people and it is wonderful we have this kinship. sending a huge hug your way.
      have a great day. c

  8. Through these eyes of mine, I first saw a photo of a blue and red door. And, that image captivated me so much for reasons I still can't explain. Through those doors, my eyes then spied the beautiful woman who took that image and shared her life and made me laugh, but most of all made me feel, each time I came to read her, like a great big hug had been given to me.

    Through these eyes, I found a remarkable woman who lives a every day life with grace, inspiration and charm. Through these eyes, I have come to know, Cinner. Love to You, this day good woman, good friend.

    1. Awww Holly that was so nice of you to say. You brought a tear to my eyes. good ones. You were my first friend I made in blogland and through my eyes I saw a wonderful loving woman with a hilarious sense of humor, kindness, so the feeling is mutual my friend. love to you.

  9. Beautiful post! Beautiful sentiments!
    I feel the same way. It's really a special feeling of kinship. Sort of like reading and writing the diary of our lives.
    And so many times fellow bloggers have helped me unknowingly through something they posted or a comment left on my blog.

    All the best,

    1. Thanks Eileen, It is a special kinship. I think this is a great thing for us. all the best to you, hope you have a wonderful day. hugs.

  10. I LOVE this post, so true! Yes Cinner, I am well, thanks for your concern. I have rediscovered the joys of blogging through this Project 365 I'm doing. I'm loving every minute of it!
    Bloggy friends are the best!

    1. Jientje, Bloggy friends really are the best. Glad you are doing the Project 365 and that your loving it. I think it is a great project. take care, hope you have a wonderful day. hugs.

  11. I have always know we are all more alike than different but you have expressed how I feel so much better than I ever could. You are a very special lady my friend.....:-)Hugs

  12. Bernie, so are you sweet one, you are an inspiration to me with all you do. What do you think of Sam Gagne lately. he is on fire. have a wonderful day Bernie. hugs.

  13. I too add my words to everyone else's . This is so beautiful, Cinner. I want to introduce you to someone that came to mind as I read your words: Rebecca. You may already know her. She writes poetry like Mary Oliver and Rumi that just takes your breath away. She too has a chronic illness and it is both rare and terminal. I think you would like her work. She is here:
    Blessings on you, Dear One, xoO

  14. Thanks Olivia I will check out her site, so glad you got to read this post and left the comment. I am always up to meet a new friend. Hope you have been well Olivia, I think of you often. hugs to you.


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