Monday, April 9, 2012

I Just Can't Stay Away, I was going to wait for fall, but winter Knocked again

pictures  from last year, looked the same.
Hello Everyone,
I just can not stay away from here,
oh how I have missed you,
I have been reading your blogs
but I can only comment on the new versions of blogger.
Does anyone have any ideas for me.
If you know what I could do I would appreciate
any information you can provide me.
Thanking you in advance.

Last Thursday morning I woke up,
no power, no cable, internet, or phone.
But that was nothing when I looked outside
I had a huge branch off of our big old oak tree
that had come down in the storm.
The storm was heavy wet snow, so not only did
the branch off the tree come down, but so did
two of the other when I went to let the dog out.
I was about to open the back door 
and one of the lines had ripped some of the vinyl siding
and had slid about half way down the house,
part of it was touching the patio table,
it was still snowing and I was thinking,
I don't know if these lines are live or what.
So I had to put the dog in the front yard,
I kid you not, I go to the front door and I push on the door,
It did not budge, so I pushed harder, still nothing, 
I thought to myself WTH,
pushed again and the door opened
there was wet heavy snow blocking the door.
In all my years I have never had that happen.
So the dog goes out, I get dressed to go borrow
the neighbors phone to call my husband..
(This is the line that came down
and you can see the big old tree at the back)
As I am walking I am hearing splat, splat, splat,
heavy wet snow falling off the trees,
falling on vehicles. The neighbors let me in,
had a nice visit and I called my husband,
not that he could do anything, but I just felt better having talked 
to him. As I leave the neighbors house it was now raining,
I was soaked by the time I got across the street.
I grabbed the shovel to move some of the snow
from in front of the house.
And I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled,
When I was close to the back of the house,
I could see the huge part of the tree that had landed
on top of my  pink precious.
I could not get out to see if any damage had been done
because of the wires being down.
I just said a prayer,
made my way back into the house.
Thank goodness the power was on again.
Late the next day I  had the phone, tv, and internet
up and running.
Still have one line down,
will call tomorrow,
It apparently is an old telus phone line.
And as fast as the heavy wet snow came, it was gone.
I had tulips that had just come up through the ground,
ahh the first sign of spring,
they may have froze.
And silly me I did not have my camera
charged, it was really beautiful.
Oh and my car, absolutely no damage.
I think because there was so much heavy
wet snow on it that when the branch broke
and came down that it just landed on the snow.
What a way to wake up, all turned out well,
Easter was very quiet here, wishing all of you
a Happy Blated Easter.
Until next time,
I hope you are having
Your Very Best Days,


  1. Hi Cinner,

    More snow, I know how hard it is when you really want it to be Spring. My girlfriend lived in Calvery when I lived in Ontario crying one day. She just wanted it to be Spring. Your photographs are lovely. Spring weather is so unpredictable though. Have a beautiful day. We have a combination of old leaves that have been blowing around from the woods and some trees blossoming.


  2. yay! glad you are on the snow...its def cooler this week but no where near that cold...i am kinda ready for spring...

  3. I got that very same snow here! We received 12 inches!! Sheesh!
    No lines or trees down though!!
    Glad you are back hun...I sure was missing you

  4. Hurray, you're back....but with a helluva tale. I'd have been so wary to go are a real trooper. Glad all turned out well..especially your car. Our last snow last week also was really heavy and wet and poof was gone. I think Mother Nature is bi polar this year.
    Oma Linda

  5. Glad to see you back!
    I can't believe how much snow you've had and we've had the opposite of what we're used to getting.

  6. Cindy...I am glad that you are back!!
    Lots of snow for you, I see. We don't get any of it...and I am saddened by that. I see it only in photos, and yours are lovely.
    Regarding seeing blogs...I found that I had to download Google Chrome. I use it to view all blogs now and haven't had any trouble since I did that. I am sending you the link to go to the site to download it (a free download.) I hope this will help. It took care of the problems I was having. I couldn't view hardly any blogs at all using Internet Explorer, but when I downloaded Google Chrome...voila! No problems commenting at all.
    Have a lovely week.
    Again...I'm glad that you are back!

  7. glad you and your precious pink car are both okay my dear. We are having a cold snap here to nothing like your snowy one though, we don't get snow here ever. I can't imagine ever being snowed in, burnt out in a bush fire maybe but snowed in never. love to you kim

  8. I am sorry that the snow can t bury you again. Just sorry ! It is cool here but definitely feel like spring. Daffodils and magnolias blooming, grass getting greener, and days getting longer. So sweet !
    Love, light and safety to you, Cinner !

  9. I am so glad you decided to stay. So very glad!

  10. What a nice surprise it is to see you back, Cinner. Yeah.

    So sorry about the snow storm damage-- Yikes, that's scary and not the least bit fun in April.
    I hope by the time you read this is all melted and the power lines are all up and running again. And I'm really hoping the siding fairy arrives to fix your house too :-)

    xo jj

  11. PS I have no idea what's up with Google. I'm able to comment IF I can find the blog. I'm totally lost with the the new Google Connect thing-- When I try to comment and get to that page, I'm totally lost and can't figure out how to get to the person's blog! Sheesh.
    xo jj

  12. yay!!! so happy you are back!

  13. Well, you are pretty strong. Push, push, and push to open the front door. Then shovel snow. I am impressed with your clear thinking to stay clear of the lines that were down. You are right, you don't know if they are live or not. So glad you got to see all the beauty that day even if your phone was not charged so you could share on your blog.

  14. Happy Winter....always loved snow. It's terribly hot in India....

  15. Dear Cinner, hope you are well.
    Hope to come back and catch up with several of your posts in the next few days.
    Big hugs for now, just wanted to tell you I was thinking of you!


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