Monday, March 4, 2013

All alone with no Cinner

Hi Stinky here, Cinner has been kidnapped by 
her seester. All I get to do for awhile is watch the birdies
from inside.
The pigeons keep me quite entertained,
Sometimes when they are on the roof
Cinner will yell out in a loud voice and say,
Get off the roof, and she threatens to make 
pigeon pie.
I don't think they have to worry
Cinner does not really like to cook.
When Cinner goes away I pretty much get the run of the place,
well until Dad comes home. I am in his bad books right now
because he bought Cinner some flowers
yuck, they tasted horrible but it was fun to bite
the flower parts off. The next morning both
Cinner and Dad chased me. I like it when they
chase me. I have lots of hiding places.
I think I will do it again the next time flowers
come home with Dad.
The best part of Cinner being gone is
I don't have to act like a lady.
I only behave when she is here so
that she will give me some Temptations.
and after she gives me them, well then it is time to
have a sleep. I did not know it would take me
so long to type this....she told me something about a mous.
I think she is a crackpot because I did not see any.
Maybe she did not take her meds this morning.
So she said to say she will be back soon.
She is always nicer after she comes from a visit
at her seesters and Moms.
I actually was born at Moms,
thats where Cinner found me
and she kidnapped me and took me home.
I hope she does not kidnap
and bring anything home with her this time.
Anyway Have a good day.


  1. Hiya Stinky! Her Royal Highness the cat here. You sound like my kind of feline -- let's parTAY while your person is away!

  2. Hi there - I know who is in charge!! :-) Great post.
    Love Gail

  3. Love this!! And I love your kitty. Beautiful!!
    Hope that you had a great time at your sister's.
    Welcome back!!

  4. hahaha....keep looking for that mous...and have fun while mom is away....too

  5. While Cinner's away, this cat does play !
    Cute cute post, Stinky !

  6. Well Stinky, I'm glad you finally got to use the computer and give us the 411 on life from a cat's eye. You are quite cute, by the by.

  7. Stinky,

    Please tell Cinner hello and that we love her.

  8. i take it cinner made it back...and the cat did not take over...smiles

    happy st patricks day!

  9. Hey Stinky-- Nice post. Thanks for the lowdown on your vacation for Cinner. Hope her trip was GREAT and she's home back in charge of things again.
    xo jj

  10. I'm guessing you had a great time with your sister. (Aren't they the best?) I loved this little story.... So, did you bring anything back with you?


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