Saturday, April 6, 2013

Water does not flow until you turn the faucet on!!!!!!

And then it started to melt,
then yesterday it snowed again
To think water was running down the road the other day,
as the snow was melting and as I sat out front in my yard
I heard a robin singing.
I could not see it, but I heard it!
So I am praying to all the Gods that be,
to bring on Spring.
I can not help but think how lucky I am that I live in a country
where we can celebrate and enjoy the beauty
of each season!
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
may you be healthy and happy!
Louis L'Amour
The water does not flow 
until the faucet is turned on.
To have a beautiful day begins with one simple thing.
I wish you the Very Best Day Ever!


  1. hope you have a great weekend as snowed 5 inches here thursday, then was 68 yesterday...ha..its spring, go figure..

  2. Hello my friend -" ....looks like the snow is finally melting, it seems like years since its been here, here comes the sun, here comes the sun, I say, its allright, ......." Happy Spring to you
    Love Gail

  3. I certainly haven't spotted or heard a robin yet -- do you put out birdseed?

    1. I did not this winter, but the neighbor has seed out for the pigeons. I still have not seen one but I keep hearing it so am looking forward to them arriving soon. hope you are well.

  4. I know you must be giddy for spring. We have daffodils and hundreds of fat robins. Makes me heart skip.

  5. You do have the beauty of each season, my friend.
    Such lovely photos of the snow; thank you for sharing them with me.
    I have cut my grass two times since spring. I cut it today, and it will need it again next week.
    The difference in latitude here in our good old USA makes all the difference, doesn't it.
    We have our garden planted, the peppers and tomatoes are blooming, and I have planted petunias and marigolds in my flower bed.
    Spring will be to you before you know it; enjoy the beauty of each season. I know that you do.
    You are so positive about everything, and that is only one of the reasons I love to visit your blog.
    Sending you warmth, hugs, smiles and sunshine.

    1. Jackie, I am so jealous that your garden is up already and that you have flowers in already. we don't plant until May long weekend.In our summer months we can be sitting outside still in the light at around eleven at night so we do get long days here. all in all everything is good. I am glad you like to visit. I need to be more faithful at posting. I keep saying that but life is busy I guess. sending you a big Hug.

  6. Wishing you the same. I await spring as well

    1. Hi SueAnn, How have you been feeling, have you been out walking. Spring can not get here fast enough SueAnn, hugs.

  7. Amazing how different our Winters have been, Cinner. We barely had any snow here this year but we had quite a bit of rain.
    I love your photographs :-)

    1. anyes, I know it is crazy but I would rather have the snow. at least most days we get the sun with it. the back yard is starting to dry sso can not wait to get out into my yard. hugs.

  8. Hello there old friend......its been quite awhile since I visited many demands on my time these days and just not enough time to do all that I'd want to do.....hope that your feeling okay and the new spring dawning is buoying your spirits.....much love is sent your way
    Love Kathie (from Australia aka scraphappykat)

    1. Kathie, so good to have you stop by, I will come pay you a visit and catch up. There is never enough time for all the thing I want to do either. lol. sending you love. hugs.


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