Saturday, February 28, 2009

gods country

this is one of my favorite places in the whole world. my husband and i walked to the other side of the bridge and then went for along peaceful, the air smells so great. if you ever get a chance to get to canmore which is just outside the banff national park it is a wonderful place. their main street has the most unique shops and the people are fabulous. oh so very friendly. lots of skiers in the winter, one year when we were there they were overrun with rabbits. they were literally everywhere. so we have had many excursions up here. it is definately gods country. spring and fall you have to be careful of bears as they come down from the mountains. the river is so crystal clear. there are many artists up in this area as well. first outing this summer will be here if at all possible.


  1. nothing beats a nice long walk with somebody that you love in the country!! There is just something so peaceful-quiet-gentle about the rolling blue skies and the green green grass! Hope it cleared your heads and excited your senses!
    Love Kathie

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, and about my 'poem'. I had made art all afternoon and was just HIGH on it! Two of the items on your bucket list are also on mine, love that! Swimming with dolphins, and dogsledding to a cabin (dogsledding, period!) There is nothing in Phoenix like this photo you've posted here. My husband and I have to DRIVE to find anything like it, so we make such day trips a part of our monthly routine. I can feel my breathing change as the landscape opens up more and more. I'm a rural woman at heart, no doubt about it!

  3. thanks kathie and toni. have you ever seen the movie with freemont. i always said i wanted to live in the mountains in a cabin with a bunch of pets. i should have lived 100 years ago but as women are today...heres to nature and long walks, and dreams. take care.

  4. So does that mean the first trip of the year won't be to the middle of nowhere to see me? I'm heartbroken...really and truly.

    Remember the trip we took out there with Laurie and the boys and Boogie? Cor that was fun.

  5. not sure where my first trip will be but i am trulu gonna try and get to see you with wain.
    we did have a great time. it was a fun day. thats the day you saved junior from the river remember....your an angel. love ya.


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