Friday, February 27, 2009


so i am sitting in my computer room and i hear thunk, thunk, bang,...? what is that? turns out the sun was hitting my neighbors roof and all the icicles were falling off his house. it was pretty cool to this tells me its warmed up,,,,so i will try and get a walk in with the dog today....

thunk, bang there they go again.....


  1. Wow I can't begin to imagine how cold it is. It's 8am & a pleasant 23degrees and we have a forecast for 35 today.

    Keep warm.......... maybe better to run than walk so you don't freeze :-)

  2. ha,ha, its really not bad i guess we are so used to it. i dont mind it up until -20, after that its in and out....our city was trying to pass a bylaw that we could not idle our vehicles more than 3 minutes....that would have never the summer we do get 20 - 35 degrees. well i am off to run as fast as i can...i am more like the turtle than the hare. lol

  3. Joe might wanna check on the insulation in that joint. LOL They sure are pretty though.


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