Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Look at this lovely bear. She was given to me by a friend. I just love her. she plays the song...all you need is friends...
I also love the saying on her says,
To Achieve, all you have to do is Believe!
and that is true you have to believe in yourself to make anything happen in life.
one of my favorite songs is I'm a Believer. I think everyone should start their day with it....
question...when are we too old for stuffed teddybears?


  1. What a cute gift!!! Love the pink shirt and the saying!

  2. thanks, i loved the gift, i love your new room awesome job...its funny how one thing leads to others. take care.

  3. To old for teddy bears???? WHAT!!!! Never, I love them all. They bring comfort when you're sad, they make your heart sing when things are bad and they make your spirit glad! You know I am nearly 48 and guess what? I still have my teddy that my great granny, bless her, gave me before I was born! He doesn't have a name, if he did i forgot it some years back, but I love him to bits! He is worn and I'm to afraid to wash him, but I have him saftely tucked away for a rainy day! :-) oh and I love him still...
    Love Kathie

  4. Hello!! First, thanks for being one of my followers and for the lovely words you left on my blog...
    Then, I'd obviously be biased about Teddy Bears...;))))!
    Your girl is too cute!
    P.S If you have some time, have a look to my previous posts to see my Teddies collection and my handmade ones!

  5. your an absolute treat. i have things from my grandma tucked away too. i was hoping someone would say you are never too old for a teddy,hope you are well,cindy

  6. lord the above comment was for kathie, and monica i will check out your posts. nice to hear from you both.


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