Saturday, February 21, 2009

beautiful house

this is one of the historical sites in our city. it is beautiful and overlooks the river and the city skyline is brilliant from there. I can just see me on the veranda sitting on white whicker, flowers all over....hey I gotta dream. maybe i will win the lottery. lol....i probably have a better chance at getting my butt into a size 2 pair of


  1. What is a size two? Is that a pair of trousers for your toes?

    I think that the smallest adult size we have here in Australia is an eight!

    Best wishes and good luck with the move into your dream home.
    Hope it comes with cleaners :-) x

  2. yeah it would need cleaners. as for the size 2, its a 22. hope your not too close to the fires. i have been thinking of you. take care.

  3. That is my all time most favorite house in Edmonton...I used to walk around it day dreaming about moving in. (sigh)


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