Friday, February 20, 2009

I just redid my fireplace.....something is missing. do you have any ideas for me...would love some, at the moment i am pulling a blank....where is neener when i need her? lol.


  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog regarding the other person being offended by the Ellen clip. I really put it on for the reason you stated, it made me laugh. And I needed so badly to laugh last week, I was experiencing so much pain with my back. It took my mind off the pain and I just loved it!

    As to your fireplace, have you tried to maybe put some glass sconces around the candles you have? Thanks again!! I'll be back!

  2. oh good idea I can try that. hope your back is better, its horrible when you can not get around. take care

  3. Hey, love what you did think it looks awesome. what is the gold thing on back i would leave it as is, you don't want to have it to cluttered. It will take away from what is there. good job

  4. lady!! Less small more big...have I taught you nothing. LOL

    Weed it out my darling...and vary the height.


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