Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's amazing how you start doing something and then you stop it and suddenly you really miss it. That is how I felt about my last blog which was through which door shall I go. so this is a new beginning, a new path and a new attempt. I was surprised at my friends saying hey what did you do with your blog, sadly I DELETED IT IN A MOMENT OF INSANITY. Anyway I have regained some of it back so voila. Enough about that....i had an amzing visit with my best friend for about three days. she came for a visit mid some fun was had, although i got her addicted to souduku(should check spelling)of which i will remind her she could hardly put down. As for me I am very interesting in politics and am anxious for President Obama to come to Canada. More and more we are seeing layoffs and projects being put on hold....makes me wonder how badly things will get with the recession. I have had the luxury ol living in one of the most economical provinces in Canada. I am starting to become more see how long that lasts. We have had some serious freezing rain here so the roads and sidewalks are sheets of ice. my husband has fallen 3 times and has really hurt his he is home to rest today. Well I have to go and get productive....yes me. lol

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