Thursday, February 5, 2009


well I have to say that all the talk of the Recession can put panic not only to society but in ones head as well. All week on the news I have been hearing of job losses, companies being bought out or closed. The governments plans for putting money back into our economy will put us in a major deficit. how easy will that be to get Canada into a better situation. this recession is all around the world. how do we keep our heads above water if we were already in the boat....something to ponder. or do we just go with the flow and what will be will be. It will be interesting to see what happens. We are never given anything we can not handle. This picture reminds me there will be brighter days ahead. It also reminds me of the Dirty Thirties and they handled the depression then. a Recession is not supposed to be as bad. I guess we will see.


  1. I do not think that the recession is a "given thing".
    It is a consequence of greed. They should have realize it when they try to earn money by not doing anything. Nothing comes free.
    In business, the very basic thing is still an exchange of products or services with something else. Or in other words, Barter system.
    How can people earn money by not producing anything? Especially not backing Dollars with anything.

  2. I do agree it is a consequence of greed. Will have to see what happens. 129,000. Jobs lost in January across Canada. My concern is that I don't know if we can count on our government to turn this around. I know it all starts with each individual and like you said how greedy we can be.

  3. No, government won't. you'll have to wait untill the banks have confident in the market that it continues to give out loans for people to create jobs. then the economy will be stable again.


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