Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I used to have Limewire, where I could download music, right...well last night I decided to download Limewire Pro....there is a fee for 1 year. Done, and here I am hours later frustrated beyond end and now waiting for an email from their support techs....I don't know why but there is nothing I hate more than waiting. How silly is that. So here I sit drinking Java and thinking how my day is unfolding and I know me I am going to have to walk away from the confusion of this supposedly simple download and start over later.....Oh, just imagine if this were your only problem. Life is pretty good and I have no right to complain....Breathe, Breathe, Breathe.....okay I am at peace again.....Wish me luck! There must be some settings screwey lewie.....oh Lord, it could not possibly be me. As I am typing this I know full well that perhaps It is something I did wrong....I am slowly learning the computer. LOL, I will manage. Sorry to be venting.........


  1. Couldn't even begin to help you on this one!!! Hope you get the problem solved so you can start downloading some music to listen to!!! THanks for following my blog!! Enjoy your day!

  2. It turns out I was scammed....Can you believe it. So it cost me 35.00 and I can't use it and my isp provider said they are known for viruses. i did a scan of my computer and all was okay. i feel like an idiot for being taken....Theres always something...positive outcome, I know for next time. Thanks for visiting. Take Care.


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