Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Good Morning, I had enough of computers yesterday to last me a lifetime. So on to mew topics.
My cat Stinky(I know its a horrible name, my husband said I could pick the cat, but he would pick the name.....so the name stayed, and now when I have to call her I am yelling out my door ,going, "Here Stinky, Here Stinky" It does warrant a few strange looks and one of my neighbors jokinly will call back saying, "I am over here. Anyway she will sit for hours not moving.
When I know she is there, I will crumble up a piece of paper and throw it. She brings it back to me, drops it in front and waits to play fetch. The funny thing is she has to have paper with a little bit of shine to it...the other paper will just not do.
My friends and family like my little zoo I got going on and are always surprised to see her do it.
the weather is starting to warm so soon she will be spending her days in the yard/ she has not caught any birds yet, but really tries and lives to torment both dogs by running as fast as she can on the top of the fence. tomorrow I am going to show you some of my treasures. in the mean time I know your there.


  1. Stinky sounds clever. Funny how she only likes shiney paper.
    I'm pleased to read that she is failing at catching birds.
    Enjoy your warmer weather.

    Best wishes Ribbon

  2. Thanks Ribbon. She is a clever cat....I think i spent too much time with her and kept saying get the paper. I never had a cat do that before. hope all is well with you. take care.


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