Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Operation Nice

Good Morning Everyone, This morning I stumbled upon a site called Operation Nice. It is a blog about nice people and the things they do. While reading different blogs I have noticed how so many of us are getting tired of watching the news and reading about bad things. Operation Nice is worth a check in my opinion. None of us know to whom we have been a difference. It could be a smile to a stranger, a conversation, opening a door, giving praise. All of us have certain events that have made an impact on us....One of my nice people I will never forget is a friend of my sister. A few years back when I first became ill, I suffered a TIA (mild stroke) or so they thought. As I lay on the floor, my sister panicking as she was calling an ambulance. I was aware of everything going on around me. Suddenly their was a hand on my shoulder and the most calming voice I had ever heard saying you are going to be okay and she kept rubbing my shoulder until the medics arrived. She was a friend of my sisters. She and her husband had arrived durning the evening. I had met her briefly once before. I had arrived after they had gone to bed. I don't know why but her voice convinced me I was going to be okay and it was as if I just became very peaceful....I believe she is one of gods angels walking the earth....and wasnt it a coincidence that she was there that night. I call her my angel. About two months went by and I was having more tests done and a package came for me. Inside the box was a Willow Tree Angel. What a thoughtful and caring person. She made a huge difference in my life. We all could be somebodys angel without ever knowing it. All we have to do is be nice and kind. Have a great day. Remember we are truly blessed for every opportunity or hardship we endure, it is all a part of I am teary eyed....goodness I believe I could be pre, present or post....LOL


  1. I cannot believe this post has no comments- it is so moving and profound I simply couldn't ignore it.
    You are quite right. This bad world needs nice people. We could do a great difference.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you Monica...I thought nobody appreciated my post. It was so personal to me.So you really cheered me up. Thankyou for that...hope you are well, will visit you soon.
    Take Care, cinner


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