Saturday, March 21, 2009

Morning Glories

The previous post is about my uncles yard. it used to be where they had a one room schoolhouse called the mornigglory school. My father went to it and I believe his other syblings. WE always heard how they had to walk to school, in the olden days(lol) The morning glories grew there wild. I plant them every year as it reminds me of home and the stories from my Dad and my uncle. I am so glad my Uncle bought the place. It is a part of their past. I will continue planting the flowers everyyear. apparently if they get a strong enough foothold they will come back every year. they do grow wild at the morning glory acreage and up power polls . they are very pretty and come in many different colors. I started some in my house as they usually only bloom in the fall, so I am trying to be able to get more enjoyment. I will still plant directly into the soil as they do thrive. so that is where my love for the flower began. later.


  1. Good Morning,
    I saw you on Toni's blog and was pleasantly amused by your name, Cinner...aren't we all, but you're the original! And, more importantly, I adore the image of the two doors! Which meant that I had to come and peek at your site. And follow you. Also, list you on mine so those who read my rambles can come and see your eye. Thanks, your images are wonderful.
    Bright Blessings,

  2. hi Holly, I am always so excited to get a new follower. As for Cinner, it is a nickname from my best friend. and I call her Neener. The image of the doors is about right and wrong or which road I am gonna take. I am going to come and check out your site. thanks for stopping by.Take care, all the best cinner

  3. Is there ANY GOOD REASON why you were posting at 3:30 in the blessed morning?!?!?!?

  4. absolutely none. my sleep has been just wonky lately....both day and night....i will try and call you.

  5. Hi Cinner!
    Please pick 3 awards on my blog...

  6. thanks Monica, I have to go and check. thankyou so much for that btw....


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