Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can so picture myself living in this house. It would have been a perfect picture without the powerline. I have been known to do that a time or two. My Mom one time took a whole roll of pictures of hummingbirds only to realize after that there was no film....sometimes there are no heads of us Anyway back to this house, it was taken by my sister in law when she was out East. I just love it. If I ever win the lottery this will be the house. I can just picture me on the porch reading a good book. And it must have one of those big old clawfoot tubs that I truly miss. I lived in an old house in a loft suite and it had one. It truly was the best part of that place,.I will keep dreaming! lol


  1. Beautiful home... hope it comes with a cleaner!

    best wishes Ribbon

  2. well if i can ever afford the house, i hopefully can afford the nice to hear from you. take care cindy

  3. cleaner??? Who needs a cleaner?? I could be a cleaner if I got to live in a house like that!!!!! Thanks for dropping by my beautiful friend!!
    Love Kathie, the girl from Australia!!

  4. OOOHH!!! You know what that REALLY is? The house of my dream -- my dream of buying a house just like that, with a beautiful garden and some acreage (like your uncle's place), and creating an art haven for women. The upper floors as studios for painting or writing or sewing, the basement set up to be a walk out, with wood working tools, and pottery wheels and glass-cutting stations and other sundry items for those throwing clay or soldering or generally needing more space and access to outdoor kilns and welding areas. The ground floor? the gathering place, a nice big kitchen with islands and stools, a big open light-filled room for classes, cozy corners with recliners and good reading lights, a big livingroom for gatherings around a fire, laughter, and general estrogen cutting-up! And there would be little cabins dotting the land, for dreamy sleeping for those who wish to stay overnight or for a few days ... and another magical cottage with loving childcare providers, so that the harried and hurried mothers with kids can know their children are having fun and being loved while the women take a few hours for focused art.

    I would just be a puddle of warm & bubbly butter in a corner somewhere, if such a thing ever happened!

  5. Toni, your ideas sound fantastic, I hope one day this dream comes true. thankyou so much for your comment today.


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