Wednesday, March 18, 2009

beautiful old church

I am a lover of old buildings and churches. This one was a picture taken by my sister inlaw down east in canada. It reminds me of a castle. I feel such strength and power from this building, as if each brick has it's own story to tell.

I am a lover of all things old. Even my husband. lol. he is eleven years older. I had great admiration and respect for my Grandparents. My Grandma taught me to knit, crochet,do some needlepoint. She loved doing that. I never heard her swear. she was a true lady. My Grandpa always had gum for us and would pull our ears. As I am getting older I seem to think of them more often. I wish I had asked questions about their lives. i am sure they had a lot to offer and a lot of interesting stories that will never be told.

It is funny how you see strength in a building, strength in a pair of arthritic hands, a lifetime of living, new beginnings and endings and we cherish moments that we did not before. i guess this is life. cherish our moments, our memories and make more today.


  1. Amen on this post. It's VERY hard, later in life, realizing everything I didn't ask my grandparents about and now wish I knew -- so I'm asking those questions of my parents and writing things down. The photo is right up my alley ... I usually find myself roaming in the cemetary shooting pictures of the statuary or doing rubbings of the gravestones, if it feels respectful and appropriate. Names that deserve remembering, or that capture my imagination.

    Thank you for your visits to my blog. I've been slowly slowly trying to come and 'meet' and 'greet' everyone who either commented, emailed or signed up to follow when my blog was made Blog of Note -- that was overwhelming and I am very far from being done, but it's so wonderful!!! To say hello to so many new faces and personalities, to savor each one's blog for an hour.

    You're right, too, about my Unk Ray -- he is amazing. Also he is hilarity on 2 feet, irreverant, 'mod', sharp sharp wit ... I wish everyone could meet him. No one in my family EVER tries to keep food or drink in our mouths in his presence -- you end up with these braying bursts of donkey laughter and mashed potatoes or diet coke coming out of your nose. Dangerous!

  2. Oh, I left my comment and it disappeared! How annoying!
    I also love old buildings and churches, I'd have to share some pictures with you!
    Thanks so much for your lovely birthday wishes (.. and there's some cake left! Would you like me to send it????:)) and for this inspiring post. I love my Granparents too- they were so special.

  3. I feel the same way. As I get older I find myself wishing I knew my grandparents more and could have some time to talk with them. I love old churches and often find myself drawn to them...must because my father was a pastor.

  4. toni you made me laugh about your uncle, the food through the nose has happened to us to. only it was milk....It is a good thing to write down about our parents...thats a good idea.

    monica, glad you had a great birthday. i would love to see some of the old pictures!

    Walking on seems we all loved our grandparents. of course you would be drawn to old churches and i am sure it was influenced by your father.

    thanks for stopping by ladies. you made my day. take care to all and hope to see you again. cindy

  5. boy don't we take them for granted and then one day all to soon, they are gone.....many years later on I just wish I could ask them about some of the silver ware that I have and some of their furniture that I now have that belonged to them. I really miss my Nan, she was a grand lady. Also never swore and didn't want to hear rude jokes and certainly didn't laugh at them. She was my friend and ally.......
    Hey Cindy we have more in common than you know, my hubby is also 11 years older than me!!! He is Dutch how about yours????
    Love Kathie

  6. hi kathie, your Nan sounds awesome. too funny about your husband and the 11 years. I know my husband has some Scottish in him on his Moms side, I am not sure on his fathers. he always says he is Canadian. I am belgium, irish and scottish. my great grandparents originally came from belgium. I have been doing some work on the Family Tree. I start and stop and one day will get it done. take care my friend, cindy


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