Saturday, March 14, 2009


I live in an area where the trees are over 100 years old. I was taken by their beauty b4 we moved into out house that was built in 1912. out back we have a huge maple tree. it is massive. when i became ill I remember sitting out back feeling the sunshine on my body. As I was sitting their it was if I was seeing the tree for the first time....noticing the strength and power of that one tree. The tree gave me hope to have faith that I would one day be strong again. their was no doubt in my mind. If we look around us their is so much beauty if we just take the time to see. We can get our answers from the least expected places,people and things. enough of days gone by, today I am going to plant my seedlings for my garden as I am feeling good today. I can hardly wait to get my hands into the dirt, have you ever noticed how fresh dirt smells. It is an unknown thrill. I guess it doesnt take much these days. I am in a special place in my life where I never feel lonely when I am alone. life is good. have a great weekend. I am off to play in the dirt!


  1. You are quite right-Answers and inspiration come to you from the least expected places. Nature is a great teacher, so indulge in outdoor activities with calmness and an open mind... answers will come to you!
    Have a great day in the dirt!

  2. thanks monica, i did have a great day in the dirt and then we had more snow that night. take care and thanks for visiting.


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