Saturday, March 28, 2009


well this is supposed to be me doing tai chi. My mission is to look graceful. Now we should all be laying on the floor laughing. As anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I can be a little clumsy. Anyway I am just trying to get my chi in alignment with the rest of me. to limber me up somewhat....ah, maybe I will draw another pic. See how easy it is to get me sidetracked.....Focus, Focus, Focus....I better go before I forget what I am planning on doing. lol....Am I kidding or not?


  1. You know, I'm a Reiki Master and I'm thinking that, in addition to playing Tai Chi, it would help to balance your vital energies and could possibly assist with your medical condition. Have you considered it?

  2. I have not even heard of it, but will check into info on the net sometime this weekend. I am at a point where I will just about try anything. talk to you later about it. Does this mean your done tilling or are you like me and have notleft the house yet. Going now though. later my friend.

  3. try to focus your posture and relax your body, not try too hard and let it be, feel the air around you passing trough your body as if you do not exist but just conscience alone that is guiding your movement.

  4. Thanks Loong, you make it sound so easy. take care.

  5. I knew you wouldn't want me to go out in the snow and cold and actually this was a great way for me to be able to show off our cottage your question was perfect !!!

    you can't be snow free yet where you are, are you ?

    ours is melted already and NOW I think we are finally getting onto this thing called spring....what we had a week ago was such a TEASE....

    and for my chi....acupucture...I highly suggest trying it sometime !!!

  6. Hi Beth, we still have snow here and about 3 feet in the yard...I can hardly wait for Spring. I tried the Acupuncture for losing weight years and years ago. i might look into it for what ails me now. Thanks/ Take care.


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