Monday, April 6, 2009

Brighter Days

I have various types of poppies that grow in different beds in my garden. I have beeen planting for about 7 years. My favorite poppy are the bright red poppies. They remind me of our Canadian rembrance Day. I also have blue and pink them all. All the seeds were given to me by one of my neighbors that was moving. She knew all the real names. It's funny but when she would tell me the long words I would just fade me flowers are a blessing after a long winter, each one makes me smile. Every year I marvel at what comes up and sometimes what does not. And why do some come only every two years, or why do some grow rampantly about the yard. Some were certainly not by me...There are some beautiful weeds that grow and can take over a yard.(the himalayan Balsam)...But I love all the beautiful pink blossoms that extend from every leaf. they grow about 6 feet tall. I kinda got sidetracked here..more later.
Look at this beautiful flower that opened in my yard one day.
It unfolded in all its beauty and seemed as if to say,
Thankyou for tending to me lady.,it was a kind thing that you did.
What the flower did not know, it was in the garden that i hid.
You see I hid from the truth that my illness had changed me,
I just wanted to be in my garden, I needed everyone to just let me be.
Sometimes things happen to us, we can have a pity party or decide to get on with life and be your very best. I think of whom I am now, a much stronger person. I have become informed and challenge myself everyday. I ask for nothing because I am in Gods hands, I will be taken care of.
Slowly I forget what I used to be. We don't make progress if we look back, we stand up, we face things, we look ahead. we believe in what gets us through and so I continue to plant my flowers.
I strive to be the best that I can be....If nobody understands this one, I do apologize.. When I am tired I tend to ramble. So off to bed I go as happy as a lark.Until tomorrow.


  1. Isn't it amazing, that of all the things you can find in a garden, you most often find the truth of the gardener? At least, that's what I have found. All my hours bending, standing and staring, and it all comes back to me. That's a beautiful post, Cinner. And, since it's snowing here (!) thanks for helping me remember why I love so, to garden.

  2. Thanks Holly, we still have our snow too, but it is slowly melting. Soon I will be in my garden. It is the most therapeutic thing for me t do. I have planted seedlings in the house,and have morning glories growing. They usually dont bloom until late fall, so I have started inside hoping for earlier flowers. I am glad I could remind you of why you love to garden.

  3. Beautiful post!!! I love poppies as well and the one you have pictured here is beautiful!!!

  4. Hi there cinner your little sis here, it is good to read some of your posts now that i have my computer up and running again. I love the patience one about Isaiah and the three sisters one. You know we love you and I am so blessed to have you as a sister. I cannot wait till you meet Rod it is all so sereal. I feel like i am in love for the first time in my life and it all feels so right. Thanks for holding my hand all those years when I needed you and just for future reference i will always need you. Love you and keep up your awesome blog.

  5. Lord a mercy penquin, you made me cry. talk tio you later, nap time you.


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