Saturday, April 4, 2009

Duck out of Water

Sometimes I feel like a,Duck Out of Water, no I am seemed appropriate for the picture. I love the picture because of the brilliant green on the head of the duck....of course it's a male because of the vibrant color. Have you ever sat and watched the ducks. They have their own little personalities, one might be more aggessive than others or would it be assertive. This is one of my favorite past times when I am on vacation. It reminds me how calm the world can be if we just take the time to marvel in the beauty that surrounds us. All for now. No animals were injured in the taking of this picture. LOL.


  1. There's a manmade 'pond' over between some office buildings very near my house -- I walk up there, usually Sundays but sometimes on a week night, and sit on the edge with 2 boxes of Cheezits to feed the ducks up there. It's like a big gathering of characters, like you said -- they each have a very obvious personality and I usually end up in some sort of giggling attack because of their interactions ... there is only ONE who has become brave enough to strut right on over and take Cheezits out of my hand, a fat white one that reminds me of Boss Hawg from Dukes of Hazard, so that's what I've named that bird.

  2. wow, someone who so understamds the appeal of this. I only see them once a year when we go on vacation. It's a;ways the first thing I do.


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