Friday, April 3, 2009

If Buildings Could Talk

I love old buildings,
I wonder what's behind each door,
And whom are the people.
Have we met before?

If I walked up the steps,
And knocked upon their door,
I wonder if they would welcome me,
And ask me to come in, or would
they hide behind the curtain,
and wait for me to go.

I ponder for a moment,
and then proceed upon my way.
Every family has a story and something to say.
This old building feels to me warm and cozy,
I slowly saunter down the path ,
anxiously awaiting new buildings ahead.


  1. I often find myself drawn to old houses and farms, wondering what life was like when they were originally built. Amazing. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. It's beautiful. It reminds me of my beloved Baltimore, the City of Rowhomes. I love this post today, Cinner....

  3. Thanks Holly,I am drawn to old homes, barns, churches and castles. I have never made it to a castle, but I will.Oh by the way, Melissa is a beautiful girl, love the red hair. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  4. Lois, I especially love old farm buildings, When I was 12 we tore down the old farm house and we found all kinds of goodies in the walls. I remember a couple old,old sears catalogues, etc. My parents are still on the family farm, but in a different home, and that old house is still in my heart our home.Have a great weekend.

  5. What a beautous old building. I, too, often wonder about the residents that live in them. When the buildings are cared for and loved like this one that tells me that the residents are great people. I hate to see old buildings that are in disrepair.
    Herbal Blessings, Mandy


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