Friday, April 3, 2009

Not Another One!

Well here is another photo I had taken of brilliant colors , the brightness of the mustard overpowering the gloomy day that was looming all around .....and smack in the middle is a power line. If you are new to my blog I have recently noticed many in such pictures that I have taken. I have an obsession for photography since my best friend bought me a digital a few years ago. There will always be landscape, old buildings,flowers, birds, anything in the outdoors with a few others thrown in so that i do not obsess over one thing. My husband is off for 3 days. I think I need an excursion to our river valley to get some shots. Have a great rest of the weekend. take care for now.


  1. I love the utility pole in ths shot....someitmes in a landscape photo, it all becomes lost without a focal point and even though you didn't want that pole there....I really like it !!!

  2. Thanks Beth, I am starting to think I have a utility pole obsession, they make it in so many of my pics. LOL. take care.

  3. Beth everytime I go to your blog I get a rush from your photos. You are very talented...Take care.


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