Saturday, April 25, 2009

Live Poppies Live

As of yesterday we still have snow on the ground. Last week some of my poppies and I think Delphiniums were poking their little stems through the dirt. I hope they survive these weather changes. I know I will, even with the snow the sun is shining and the neighborhood is abuzz. Children are out playing and laughing across the street. They make me smile although I am greatful I do not have to take care of five little children. I love them but they play me out just watching them.
I went into my shed today to get some pots for my little seedlings and their by my potting table were three long crow feathers. Now my cat can get into the shed, so I am thinking what happened to the bird. I looked around and could not find anything. Now I am sure the bird did not fly in, drop 3 feathers and leave, and if it did then is it -------crazy. So I am going to have to do a thorough cleaning in there, or by June, if it is there phew.... I am grateful that God throws these silly things at me. It is a release from all the hardships that we hear about daily. Nap time now, Bird Hunting later....p.s. I hope he is not in there or I will be upset with my cat. P.S. Holly I would have rather found a beautiful robins egg.


  1. One of the few downsides of sharing your domain with a feline, this need to drag home trophies...and I'm with you on this one. The egg was a much better fine. Although, if you've been 'gifted' with three feathers and there is no bird carcass, my girl, that's good medicine! Let us know what you discover!

  2. Crow feathers are indeed good medicine, no matter how he decided to leave them...

    The crow is regarded as a creature that transports souls out of the dark and into the light. He represents all things ethical and fair.

    Crow may communicate to you through leaving feathers for you to find. These serve as a reminder of your connection to spirit or that it is time for you to be still to enable a message from spirit to come through.

    Place them in an important place.

  3. Holly, it is good to hear that it is good medicine and Peaches reaffirmed that.
    Peaches, thankyou for explaining about the crow.Very interesting. I will put them in a special place. I think I might know what this means, I will telll you both when I know for sure.Take Care.


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