Friday, April 10, 2009

Our first Spring Storm

I am sitting in my computer room listening to the rain. Earlier the sky blackened and boom went the thumder and then the sky lit up with some flashes of lightening. about 5 minutes later the sun was shining. The rain continued pouring gleaming in the sunlight. We still have snow on some of the ground. I would think it may go fast now with the rain. I don't remember a thunderstorm so early. When the sun was shining we had a glimmer of a rainbow. It is very strange weather as if purchance God is reminding us of all the beauty. I love to listen to the rain. When I was a child my dad and I would sit in the farm truck and listen, neither of US saying anything, both of us enjoying the peace and the tranquility. I sit here reminded of dancing in the rain with my husband last summer. The rain was so warm. It was beautiful. Anyway I am up because my one dog, KULA, is very afraid and barks everytime it thunders, so I try to calm him down and tell him it's okay. He has finally settled down. As I am sitting in the room I can hear the neighbors boxer bark and whine as well. He always appears on my fence looking as if to say, Can I come over please, please, can I , can I. It is so peaceful, shall I sit some more and listen, it is almost hypnotizing, awesome stress reliever....oh maybe a few more minutes, then good night all.


  1. I love this picture! Happy Easter, Cinner!

  2. thanks holy, you too, happy easter.

  3. Beautiful photo! How cute does that dog look?

    Yes I love to listen to the rain too. It's a rare treat here in my city at the moment.
    My favourite is to hear it hit a tin roof.

    best wishes Ribbon :-)

  4. i love s tin roof too! I will pray for rain for you. Take Care.


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