Monday, April 13, 2009

Is It a Gift??

This beautiful pond is the focul point in one of my sisters yards. Water runs from a barrel brought up by an old pump into the first section and then down into the main pond. The picture just does not do it justice. They have 3 goldfish living in the pond during the summer months. I love the sound of running water. I find it very relaxing. I may do more work with my pond this summer. I have posted a picture of it previously and had it featured in our local paper. With the recession there has been some buzz that they may have to close. They have done alot with the community and have helped with the local businesses cleaning up the area. They have also advertised for our local volunteer coffee shop in our neighborhood, and getting the community more involved. It would be a shame if it has to stop due to hard times. If this is the case, I hope the community can keep up the involvement in the area. I think in hard times people do come together for support. It is the simple things that will keep us going, things like our gardens and ponds, friends, family and pets. I feel that I have already gone through the worst recession of my life when I became ill and the struggle that I had to go through, we were a two income family and overnight it became one. We were suddenly in the hole and got behind very quickly. Insurance company made the first 3 years hell, and here we are today living the best we can, getting by, slowly getting back on our feet. It was a life changing experience for us, we really learnt what was important to us/ I for the first few months did not know if I was going to die or what was happening. A Lifechanging experience can put things into perspective pretty quick, we choose our path, sometimes it takes awhile to face things or changes in yourself. I don't look back, I am living my life, blessed by God that I found a great doctor, blessed that medication helps my illness to control it usually. You take the good with the bad and deal with life. There is no fancy about me, I have gone from a shopper to a non shopper, I watch the flyers, I save coupons, I use my airmiles, I cut my own hair(yes there will be a post about that),I don't care what the Jones have or don't. I was blessed to learn you don't need much. If you have love on your side and stay committed to living, learning, becoming a better person, then all will fall into place. I t may not be what we planned. Sometimes new circumstances change your plans for the better. Thats all I have for today.


  1. What a great attitude!! What are you suffering from? What a shame if the pond would have to be shut down. Is it on your sister's property? Would love to see more pictures and a post on cutting your own hair would be fun as well!! Enjoy your day!

  2. And, for today, all that you have and shared is more than enough...thank you Cinner!

  3. I also love the sound of running water, mmmm. Water is my soul and the sound of my soul, though. Everything you wrote today is a path I've slowly CHOSEN to walk in the last decade -- simplifying, streamlining, deciding to let go of a thirst for or collecting of things, and instead creating MOMENTS. yes. I didn't get pushed into it by illness, and I feel for you that you were thrust into it like that, especially when you had your illness to deal with. You seem to hold things, experiences, events, in your hands and carefully turn them this way and that, until you have a full sense of them ... I love that!

  4. Walking On Sunshine, my illness is Severe Isolated Cataplexy with a Variance of Narcolepsy...yes the pond is on my sisters property. It is shut down in the winter season due to -30 plus weather....I will do a post on cutting my hair,,,some have worked, some don't.LOL It's a good one now.
    Holly, glad to hear from you, hope you had a good easter.

    Toni, We seem to have so much in common, Thanks for your kind words.

    Also ladies I have an unexpected family emergency so will not be posting for about a week. I hope this does not keep you away permanently.You three brighten my mornings. Take care for now, Cinner


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