Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a quick note to let you know that I have not abandoned you. I am taking a much needed rest for a few days. best wishes to all, be back soon.

I am amazed, there are no power lines in here. LOL..

I absolutely love the park bench. Look at the grain in the wood. It was beautiful, I spent a couple hours sitting on it about a year ago. There was a wedding just across from it taking place. The little flower girl had little angel wings, she was so precious. It was a beautiful day, so very enjoyable to sit and just be.


  1. I'll miss you and hope you are renewed by your time away. And, Grace was the flower girl in my wedding and wore the most wonderful fairy wings...she was vision, I tell you! Cheers Cinner!

  2. Rest & repose, Luv ... wish I could join you -- I promise I'd be quiet! (but not necessarily 'good') ...

  3. Toni, sometimes being a little bad can be just what the doctor ordered.

    Holly I had never seen the fairy wings before. I bet Grace was beautiful.


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